Dirty John Episode 4 Preview, Release Date, Spoilers

The anthology and true-crime Series Dirty John is currently in its first Season with Episode 3 recently coming out. Episode 2 of Dirty John was called “Remember It Was Me” and it came out on December 9′ 2018. It was centered around Debra discovering John’s criminal record, the other plot was about John starts his first family. Alright, moving on to the next which is Episode 4, certain photos have come out which show some sort of a “Shrapnel” plot and the Episode itself is titled as Shrapnel. You see some shots of what looks to be a hospital with John on a bed and his close ones around.

Dirty John Episode 4: Plot

The basic plot of Dirty John is that the TV show is based upon a hit breakout true crime podcast from Los Angeles Times reporter Christopher Goffard. Bravo’s scripted the series as Dirty John and it tells the happenings of how Debra Newell (Britton) falls for the charismatic John Meehan (Bana) and what the romance leads to for their families and their respective lives.

Dirty John Episode 4

The Episode 3 that is titled as Shrapnel, John Meehan is admitted into a hospital and all the main characters are a part of this episode too! It may look like John has suffered some sort of an injury to take Debra’s (Connie Britton) mind off of his criminal past or something. But that’s not it, Debra confronts John. And at the same time, Arlene’s past is revealed according to the official synopsis. Looks like Alexandra Cunningham (writer) has many tricks up her sleeve to keep us glued for another Episode for now.

Dirty John Episode 4: Cast
The cast of Dirty John includes:
The cast of the shoe includes:
Connie Britton as Debra Newell, John’s love interest
Eric Banaas John Meehan, the lead of the series
Juno Temple as Veronica Newell, Debra’s older daughter
Julia Garner as Terra Newell, Debra’s youngest daughter
Jean Smartas Arlane Hart, Debra’s mother
Keiko Agena as Nancy, Debra’s colleague
Jake Abel as Trey, Debra’s son and Veronica’s and Terra’s older brother
Kevin Zegers as Toby, Debra’s nephew
John Karna as Jimmy
Sprague Grayden as Tonia
Cliff Chamberlain as Ethan
David Barrera as Palmer

Dirty John Episode 4: Air Date
Bravo’s new dramatic limited series returns with the Shrapnel plot, on 10 December 2018 at 10 pm/PT.

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