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Digimon Adventure Episode 52: Preview and Recap

Digimon Adventure

Today we’ll be talking about Digimon Adventure Episode 52. After the final battle that decided the Digital World’s fate, the Chosen Ones and their Digimon succeeded in defeating the bringer of Destruction Milleniunmon and send him to hell. Agumon told Taichi that they did a great job, and Taichi replies that the war is over and their mission is over. Then, Koshiro receives a message from his laptop and the Chosen One who’s ruining the mood. Koishiro opens his computer and finds that it is Gerbemon. Gebermon is glad that he got connected.

Taichi reveals that Gerbemon is the Digimon he met on the mountain of garbage. Gerbemon comments that he hasn’t seen a clear sky like this in a while. Takemon wonders why Gerbemon is disturbing them when they are celebrating their victory. Gebermon shows Koshiro a symbol that Koishiro is familiar with and asks him if he remembers the emblem. The episode title is ”The Mystery Hidden Within The Crests.” The Chosen One set on a journey asking Gebermon about his location.

Previously on Digimon Adventure Episode 51

Gerbomon gave his location to the Chosen Ones, who are charging at full speed. Later the Chosen Ones arrives at a place where all kinds of information in the Digital World gets gathered. Agumon pressed one of the Tv’s and Searchmon comes with Gerbermon. Gerbermon summonsed a magical digital book and told the chosen one that he has a surprise. When he opens the book, a mysterious angel-like person appears. Gerbermon reveals that this is the seeker of knowledge knows as Wisemon.

Wisemon comments that he feels honored to meet with the Chosen Ones brings joy to his knowledge. He asks what the Digital World is, what are Digimons, where they come from, and where they go. Wisemon reveals that Digimon gathers information and research daily, and it brings joy to his knowledge. Joe realizes that Wisemon loves to study and wonders if they get along. Then, a crew of Mechanorimon appears. Gerbemon told the Chose Ones to hop on Mechaorimon and explores this Digital World.

Koshiro saw a library and realizes that he loves to be near a library. The other Digimons enjoy storing the information they have collected, and the old geezer’s Digimon narrates the legendary Digimon stories to the young Digimons. The old geezer comments that he ordered new data, and discoveries have continued since he arrived at the Digital World. The Chosen Ones enjoys traveling through mysterious places. Gerbermon shows them around the area where they store unsortable damaged or corrupted data.


Digimon Adventure

Digimon Adventure

Koishiro comments he feels like they are inside the computer. Wisemon told the Chosen Ones about the enormous tree discovered by researchers many years ago before they even got created. Wisemon also said to them that they are many historical artifacts store in the Digital World. He also reveals that they use this place as their base as they conduct their research. Later they enter the secret room, and Taichi saw the symbols that he knows. Koishiro comments that those symbols are the same ones that appear on their Digivices.

Wisemon said when the shapes were born, they couldn’t find the answers, and no matter how they go through unravel history, they couldn’t find the answers. Wisemon narrates the story that happened a long time ago. In the past, the words couldn’t describe those symbols. The symbol has existed since the beginning of the world. Wisemon comments that everything inside this secret room has become the greatest mystery to them. He also said that they call those symbols crest since they don’t know what to call them.

Wisemon reveals that there are hidden codes that structure all the world. But those crests have answers within them, and they are records of all the answers. The researchers are trying their best to find the emblem’s meaning and the truth beyond those crests. Wisemon said they only know one thing about the ridges: they will play a key role in avoiding the world’s current anomalies. So Koishiro decides that they have to stay here until they discover everything.

Digimon Adventure Episode 52 Release Date

Digimon Adventure Episode 52 release date is 13 June 2021, at 9:00 AM JST. You can watch Digimon Adventure on Crunchyroll and AnimeLab.

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