Die Hard 6: Is John McClane Returning for a Sixth Part?

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Die Hard 6 (Is It Happening?)
Die Hard 6 (Is It Happening?)

John McClane fans ask the question about Die Hard 6: Is it happening? And here at Otakukart, we bring you the answer. With all those IMDb stubs and Wikipedia articles flying around, the hype is big. The most recent production with Bruce Willis was a commercial where he reprised his role. But nothing more than that. Firstly, in this article, we will clear the smoke regarding the expected Die Hard 6 movie. After Disney bought Fox and renamed it 20th Century Studios, everything, including Die Hard, is now Disney’s property.

Having said that, let’s now explore what Bruce Willis thinks of a sixth Die Hard movie. Firstly, he’s sixty-six years old. He has played John McClane since 1988, and with his last Die Hard move in 2013, he isn’t on public record verbalizing nor expressing his wishes to reprise the role in a future feature film. In the next section, we will cover what the Die Hard producer had to say about a potential future Die Hard 6 film. Now jump with us here at Otakukart as we cover John McClane’s potential sixth adventure on the Big Screen.

Die Hard 6 (Is It Happening?)
Die Hard 6 (Is It Happening?)

Die Hard 6: Is it happening?

No, Die Hard 6 isn’t happening. Let’s examine what veteran Die Hard producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura had to say about a potential sixth Die Hard film. And sorry to break it to fans out there. This is the cold hard facts: “It’s not happening” For di Bonaventura, the cool thing was that the producers actually floated the idea around. Initially titled “McClane” Die Hard 6 was a prequel/sequel to the adventures of rogue policeman John McClane as he fought his way —always barefoot— against crime, terrorists, and hoodlums in some American metropolis.

Previous reports stated that the film was canceled after Disney acquired 20th Century Fox. It was believed at the time that Bruce Willis would merely appear in a cameo as a framing device for the narrative, with a younger actor playing John McClane as an 80s beat policeman. McClane allegedly started as Die Hard Year One, which would have utilized the BOOM! Studios and writer/artist Howard Chaykin’s Die Hard prequel comic as a starting off point.

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Disney is to blame for canceling the idea

According to producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura, the long-rumored sixth chapter in the Die Hard series, named McClane, is now gone. The idea of a sixth film has been discussed since the fifth movie, A Good Day to Die Hard, released in 2013, despite Bruce Willis earlier expressing his desire to retire from the character of John McClane, which he has portrayed since 1988. Several versions of the film have circulated throughout the years, including one titled Old Habits Die Hard. None of these ideas, however, came to fruition. A television series in the style of 24 was also explored, with John as a beat policeman in the 1970s with narration from Willis as McClane in the current day.

However, plans for a prequel picture remained alive, with di Bonaventura’s version gaining momentum at 20th Century Fox in 2018. The concept reportedly would have featured Willis in the current day with another actor portraying a young McClane. The project would have also brought back McClane’s ex-wife Holly, and actress Mary Elizabeth Winstead had shown interest in reprising her role as McClane’s daughter, Lucy. Plans were allegedly delayed since Disney’s purchase of 20th Century Fox, but supporters remained optimistic that McClane would stay active.

Die Hard 6 (Is It Happening?)
Die Hard 6 (Is It Happening?)

Five Die Hard Movies since 1988

Since 1988, Die Hard has become a classic of action movies. The 1988 Christmas action movie featuring Bruce Willis in the lead and Alan Rickman as the Henchman spawned four sequels. With John McClane throwing the dude off Nakatomi Plaza and his iconic catchphrase “Hippy-Kah-Yay-Mother-F*cker.” while he blasts away with a 9mm pistol. And always, under some funny circumstance, John McClane manages to lose his shoes and has to walk, run, and drag his body through all the perils barefoot.

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Along the course of the sequels, Bruce Willis shares the screen with actors like Jeremy Irons, Samuel L. Jackson, and Justin Long. Each movie has its own comedic tone. And always catches John McClane in some sort of trouble. For example, in Die Hard with A Vengeance, some East Berlin terrorists try to rob the Federal Reserve, and McClane just wakes up from a bad hangover and feels very reluctant to help out the FBI Counterterrorism Taskforce in defeating them until he learns that the bad guy is a cousin to the guy he threw off the roof in the first movie. With that, we wrap up our coverage of the Die Hard franchise here at Otakukart. Thank you for reading this article.

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