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Did Lord Grantham Have An Affair in Downton Abbey?

Here we will get to know does Lord Grantham have an affair. But before that, we need to know more about who Lord Grantham is. Earl of Grantham is a fictional title in the gentility or nobility of Great Britain. The current holder of the title is Robert Crawley as of the year 1920. The Earl of Grantham is also called Lord Grantham and the wife of Granthan is called Lady Grantham in Downton Abbey. The seat is Downton Abbey in Downton, Yorkshire. So Lord Grantham or the Earl of Grantham Robert Crawley is a fictional character as well.

Robert Crawley is the 7th Earl of Grantham and is the co-owner of Downtown Abbey. Crawley is co-owner along with his eldest daughter Mary. He is the son of the 6th Earl of Grantham and Violet Crawley, Dowager countess of Grantham. Robert Crawley married his American wife Cora Levinson in the year 1890, to save the state with her money.

About Grantham’s family

They have 3 daughters namely Mary, Edith, and Sybil. They lost a son in a miscarriage. Since he had no son, his cousins James, Patrick, and Mathew Crawley were his heir successively. All 3 of these heirs eventually die which made his only grandson George, who was Mary and Mathew’s only child, his current heir presumptive.

Robert takes his responsibility for the estate very seriously and is very proud of Downton. Robert is very protective of his family and also loyal to his family as well as servants. Although his character in some ways embodies the traditional values.

Does Lord Grantham have an affair

Lord Grantham’s family

Robert’s adherence to tradition lets him down in other ways, despite these virtues. He often resists modern suggestions for better management of the estate, especially after his daughter Mary brings his son-in-law Tomin running Downton. His attitude occasionally clashes with more progressive and pragmatic Cora.

Robert’s health worsens towards the end of the series, which forces him to step down from running the estate which leaves the task in hands of Tom and Mary. He is weakened deeply when he gets to know that rest of his family supports Tom and Matthew’s plan. They planned to create an income for Downton by buying farmland.

Robert whereas wanted to invest that money. But eventually, he sees that he was very glad for Matthew’s player learning that Hugh MacClare who was the Marquess of Flintshire was about to lose Duneagle Castle due to his very own financial troubles. Anyways, Lord Grantham hates sharing power.

Does lord Grantham have an affair

Lord Grantham

Does Lord Grantham have an Affair?

Here we will know does Lord Grantham have an affair. Robert Crawley had an affair with his housemaid. She worked at Downton Abbey. She left her post because of her short-lived brief involvement with Lord Grantham. His doing was unacceptable.

The act of Robert’s sudden indiscretion seemed uncharacteristic but wasn’t entirely unrealistic. It was revealed in the series later that he regretted his actions of the past when he got to know about Mary Crawley’s recklessness with Kemal Pamuk on which he indirectly telling about himself, told her that she wasn’t the only Crawley to have made mistakes.

Does Lord Grantham have an affair

Lord Grantham and jane

Who is Jane Moorsum?

Jane Moorsum was a housemaid at Downton Abbey back then from 1918 until April 1919 when she resigned. In 1917, Harry Moorsum died in a battle after that she became a widow, Harry Moorsum who died in a battle, Jane worked at Downton. She came to Downton Abbey looking for work to support her son, Freddie Moorsum who was 12 years old.

Jane took the spot of  Ethel Parks, she was compelled to resign due to some reason and was in service until 1919. She was hired easily and her mother took care of Freddie if she should need it while she is working. She developed feelings for Robert that he returned, and the couple shared a few kisses. Robert helped Freddie, who is a very smart mathematics student, to get a scholarship to Ripon Grammar. Jane handed in her notice and left after realizing that nothing is possible in their case and nothing would come of the affair.

Cora, Lady Grantham could never find out about her husband’s short-lived affair with Jane. Robert, being the father of her son, assured her that he will pay all the costs of her son Freddie’s education even after Jane had resigned and left.

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