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Did Jules And Saud Break Up Or Are They Still Together?

Did Jules And Saud Break Up?

Jules & Sayd, yes that Youtuber couple, are they still together? Or are they separated? What was the motive of their recent YouTube video? Was it just a clickbait? Or any separation has happened in real? Fans are getting really confused and are searching here and there for the answers to these question and we would like to congratulate all of you who have reached this site in search of these queries as all your doubts and confusions are going to be cleared in this post as we have answered each and every question in depth that you should know as a fan.

This couple has remained as the talk of the town because of the clickbait and controversial titles that are really eye-catching and some times becomes trouble for them but even after all this, they keep entertaining their fans to the next level and never leaves any chance of complaint by regularly coming up with high-quality videos that are really entertaining and hence, they have gathered millions of fans who regularly watched their videos and do not miss even a single video of theirs. Now, we would like to share all the major updates about this couple.

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Did Jules And Saud Break Up?

The Very Famous American YouTuber Couple Jules & Saud

A Sneak Peek About The Journey Of Jules And Saud

Julia and Saud both started their career by making videos on the very famous short videos making app, Musically which was later titled TikTok. They both met the first time when Julia asked Saud for collaboration on Musically. Saud curiously accepted her offer and then, their first collaboration was released on Julia’s account. After that, they both exchanged their numbers and after a lot of flirting and exchanging gifts, Saud flew to Julia and they met first time physically at the airport and on the first look only, they both fell for each other.

They started their YouTube channel back in 2016 and from then, there was no looking back for both of them. They share regular vlogs, amazing pranks, and some challenging videos on their YouTube channel and are having 2.6 million subscribers on their YouTube channel as of now. They have gathered a consistent fan following that watches all their videos and never misses even a single video of their channel. As of now both of them are doing really well in their personal as well as professional and their journey is right now on a very good path.

Did Jules And Saud Break Up?

Hickey Prank On Jules By Saud Uploaded On Their YouTube Channel “Jules & Saud”

Did Jules And Saud Break Up?

The most asked question about this couple as of now is spreading up like a fire in the forest but we have come up to splash water on that and to remove all the rumors and present the truth in from of you. We would like to clarify to everyone that, Jules And Saud have not broken up and they both are together with each other even today. It was an old video of them that was spreading up with the title “She Broke Up With Me” and even that title was just a clickbait and in reality, they both are still together.

We hope it is clear for all the fans that these are just fake rumors and no separation has happened between Jules And Saud. They are happy and together with each other and will continue to upload daily vlogs, pranks, and different challenges on their channel. Also, Saud hinted in one of the recent videos that he is planning to propose Jules for the marriage very soon and as soon as this happens, we will update that on this site. The fan following of this couple is increasing day by day and more and more people are getting engaged with their content.

These were some of the major details about this YouTuber couple Jules And Saud, whatever all the fans of this couple were searching about them, we hope, we have shared all that in this post and for more updates like these just stay tuned to this site.

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