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Has Derek Chauvin’s Wife Filed For Divorce?

Has Derek Chauvin's Wife Filed For Divorce?

“Black Lives Matter” was one of the latest protests that were going in the United States of America for a very long time and then it became an international topic of concern and millions of people throughout the globe gave their support to this protest as it was a right of a black man who was getting discriminated on the basis of his color that was complete crap and rubbish thought spread out in such a developed nation and this came out after the death a black man and he was considered murdered by a white police officer in the USA named Derek Chauvin.

The case was still going on in the respected judiciary of the United States of America and all the police officers who were responsible for the killing of that innocent black man were suspended. Most of the famous celebrities of different nations showed their support for this protest or we can say almost the entire human population was in support of this protest. “Black Lives Matter” is considered as one of the most successful peaceful protests that have ever taken place and that was the need of today in a developed nation like these where this racism was present.

Has Derek Chauvin's Wife Filed For Divorce?

Derek Chauvin’s Wife Filed For Divorce

Who Is Derek Chauvin?

Derek Chauvin is a former American police officer who was suspended from his duties after such a shameful act that he performed that created a revolution throughout the globe and that gave trigger to a protest that started throughout the globe. Many of you might be familiar with the protest and all the reasons behind it but still many of you might not be familiar with the facts and details behind it, so we would definitely like to explain everything in brief so that all those who are not familiar with the reasons and can come to know about everything.

A black man named George Floyd has wrongly acclaimed a shop clerk and the shop clerk named Geroge for a $20 fraud which he didn’t even commit and George was completely innocent in that case. Derek Chauvin was one of the four officers that reached that shop after a complaint and Derek showed really bad behavior with George and he knelt on Geoge’s neck for more than 8 minutes resulting in his death and that was the point that triggered the “Black Lives Matter” protest and Derek was completely proved wrong by the court.

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He was suspended from his duties and this was not only the case. After the death of George, a series of protests started against police brutality and especially against black people and racism was unofficially present in that culture and black people were badly treated by police officers throughout the USA. Derek Chauvin was the one person who was held responsible for the brutal crime of killing a black person who has not even committed any brutal crime. Derek has to face a lot of charges and personal problems which are not leaving him even today.

Has Derek Chauvin's Wife Filed For Divorce?

Derek Chauvin’s Wife Kellie Chauvin

Has Derek Chauvin’s Wife Filed For Divorce?

Yes, this is completely true that Derek Chauvin’s wife, Kellie Chauvin has filed for divorce as she permanently wants to remove the surname of her husband from her name and she does not even want to live with such an inhuman personality and with such a racist person. The 45-year-old wife of the former Minneapolis police officer has made it clear in her divorce statements that she does not want even a single penny from her husband’s belonging and she is happy with what she has but she can’t live with such a racist and wrong person at any cost.

These were the statements of Kellie which she game to a reporting house. The eight-page long divorce petition that was made public last week by her lawyers clearly shows the pure intentions of his wife and along with that, she is seeking a name change in all the official documents and letters permanently as she no longer wants to carry the surname of her husband. These were the major details as of now and for more details just stay connected.

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