Did B Simone and Invisalign Break up? All to Know About it

b simone
b simone

Is B Simone still dating Invisalign? On the show “You’re My Boyfriend,” B Simone and Invisalign appeared together. People have been wondering if B Simone and Invisalign are still together since then. B Simone and Invisalign collaborated on the current single “You’re My Boyfriend.” They were related collectively at the time, but there has been no evidence that they are still linked and even courting. B Simone was a vocalist who rose to fame by sharing amusing videos on Instagram. Her fans have been pulling for her since she blogged about seeking a boyfriend. She has been, observed flirting wiser of celebrities, but she has never settled down with a single man. She didn’t have a long-term commitment to Invisalign.

B Simone, An American Rapper, beautician, singer and is a comedian indeed. She was born on April 5, 1990, and is now a big internet personality and actress. Simone was born in Dallas, TX. She has been working on her career since 2014 till this date. She is best known for sweeping the world one at a time. Her career has too many leaps, starting from hosting the last days of 106 & Park & to taking the lead role in ‘digitallivesmatter’. When it comes to the matter of B Simone’s career, she’s unstoppable. In 2018, she began headlining her tour as ‘You’re my booooyfriend’. In 2019, she started her series with the same name. ‘You’re my boooyfriend’ was telecasted on Zeus Network.

Is B Simone still dating Invisalign?

Darian Barnes, also known as Invisalign, appeared on the current episode of “You’re My Boyfriend” with B Simone. He has kept his dating life private and has never flaunted or mentioned a relationship. He and B Simone aren’t, normally, romantically involved. As far as we know, both B Simone and Invisalign are currently single. He has kept his love a secret from the rest of the world. In 2019, they were only spotted together while filming the show for the second time.

B Simone

Chris Smith was, initially, flaunted by B Simone in 2020. When she was first confirmed off, fans were, overjoyed because they had been hoping for her to find a wonderful boyfriend for quite some time. The pair appeared to be quite happy together, even though they kept their relationship private. There were a lot of theories about celebrity connections, so it’s hardly surprising that people took things personally. The couple didn’t stay together, and B Simone announced their breakup in the summer of 2021. It was a straightforward photograph of her with new make-up and curls, with the phrase “single.” The breakup of b Simone and Invisalign has received a lot of support from fans.

Who is Invisalign?

Darian Barnes, better known by his stage name Invisalign, is an American mannequin and actor. He was born in July 1989. Thus, he is currently 32 years old. He has kept his personal life secret and has not revealed his family to the media. Furthermore, he rose to prominence after appearing on the show “You’re My Boyfriend.” He also made an appearance on the FOX show Star. Not only that, but he has a lucrative modeling career and an Instagram account. Likewise, he has kept a private dating life, although he does share footage of his day-to-day activities on Instagram.B Simone and Invisalign

Although they haven’t publicly publicized their relationship on social media like so many others, Simone’s presence at Smith’s birthday party in February made it quite clear. There were miniature images used as decoration at the party in the photos that surfaced from the event, and in a couple of those photos, Simone and Smith can be seen getting a touch intimate. After the party, the two confirmed that they were in Mexico on their separate social media profiles, indicating that they were there together.

Simone honored her birthday on April 5 by launching her new “Rebirth” lash bundle, which she shared with her followers. She also took the opportunity to express gratitude to her partner and family members for their assistance in celebrating her special day. “To my family, friends, and the love of my life…” she wrote beneath a photo of herself. Thank you for making my birthday the greatest it’s ever been. My heart is overflowing with joy, and I haven’t felt this good in a long time. I’m extremely thankful for God’s presence in my life. I’m living proof that he’s genuine. Never give up the fight for love, peace, pleasure, and happiness! I fought tooth and nail to get them all, and now I have.

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