Top 10 Deadly Zombie Anime List – 2018

Best zombie anime

The idea of Walkers, crawlers, and the living dead have excited people for ages now. When it comes to anime, things are no different. There are lots of people who love anime from these genres, and although there may not be a lot of them, there are some great ones out there that will definitely blow your mind. If you’re looking for anime from Zombie genre, then let’s get started on today’s list, where I’ll take you through the absolute best of Zombie anime.

Deadly Zombie Anime List

10. Gakkougurashi!

A city is overrun by Zombies, and a couple of girls barricade themselves in the third high school, where they now have to deal with the harsh reality in ways that they didn’t ever imagine before.

Zombie anime

9. Zombie Loan

This anime is a bit different than your average Zombie Anime. The main characters themselves are zombies, to begin with, and they have to hunt another person in hunting down the bad zombies.

8. Gungrave

Brandon is the protagonist of this anime, and a Zombie as well. He is betrayed and killed by his friend but is then brought back to life as a Zombie. He now wants revenge on those who have done him wrong in his first life.

7. Kore wa Zombie Desu ka?

This is a Zombie anime that you’re definitely going to enjoy. This anime doesn’t feature your stereotypical zombie. Rather, they’re shown in a completely different light which might surprise a lot of those who are watching.

6. Shikabane Hime

Makina Hoshimura was killed alongside her family in an extremely brutal manner. She wants to join her family in the afterlife, but cannot. In order to do so, she must first kill 108 other corpses that have also been revived, just like her.

Zombie anime

5. Tokkou

Ranmaru Shindo is a rookie detective who has just graduated from the Special Mobile Investigation Force. Shindo, together along with other members of the SpecSec or ‘Tokkou’, a special division of the Special Mobile Investigation Force, sets out to investigate an unsolved mystery.

4. Highschool of the Dead

The story revolves around the group of survivors trying to survive the Zombie apocalypse. Zombies have risen and have taken over society of Japan. The undead bite people, and then tear them to shreds.

3. Koutetsujou no Kabaneri – Top Zombie Anime

This anime is set in a world where people have taken refuge behind iron fortresses. They travel to stations using trains, safe from Corpses or ‘Kabane’. A steam smith who goes by the name Ikoma, starts researching for a way to beat the Kabane, and cure as well.

2. Tokyo Ghoul

Humans aren’t the only beings that exist in the world of Tokyo Ghoul. Rather, there are ghouls who feast on humans, and then there is Kaneki Ken who is half-human half-ghoul. Kaneki tries his best to survive in this world and face the harsh realities along the way.

1. Hellsing Ultimate – Top Zombie Anime

Hellsing Organization protects Britain from monsters and other inhuman things. It is one of the few anime that has an equally good plot. This is also without a doubt one of the most goriest anime in history and it can’t be described with words.


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