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There’s A DBS And One Punch Man Crossover, And It’s Awesome

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The Saitama VS Goku debate has been raging on for quite some time now. The limit breaker VS the unbeatable, this is quite a hard question to answer. The question seem to be harder because of the difference of its the Universes of the two anime. But what if for some reason, Saitama would find himself lost in the world of Dragon Ball series? And what will happen if he will fight against one of the most strongest character of the series ?

Well, you don’t really have to imagine any further. There was actually a fan-made manga that features Saitama from One Punch Man finding himself lost in the Dragon Ball world. Vegeta was out training outside one day because Bulma kicked him out of their house as Trunk’s teacher was visiting. Saitama, on the other hand, is trying to find the Satan Mart because there is a sale going on.

Saitama runs into Vegeta and tried to ask where the mart is, in which Vegeta answered that he doesn’t know. Before he totally ignored Saitama, Vegeta took a quick glance to the caped baldy and to his surprise, Saitama got power levels that seem to never run out. He quicky challenged Saitama to a fight.

Vegeta charged into Saitama, in which the latter dodged which amazed Vegeta more. Saitama was always amazed on how fast Vegeta moves. Vegeta charged like he usually does, and Saitama dodged as usual. The Prince of Saiyans used Ki blasts that Saitama easily deflected. And because of this, Vegeta decided to use Gallick Cannon directly at the Caped Baldy.

BS And One Punch Man Crossover

Saitama took the Gallick Canon with his serious punch and sent the ki blast on the space. Vegeta was shocked that Saitama can take that powerful attack. Saitama was also amazed because he felt his hands stinging after that punch.

Amazed, Vegeta asked how Saitama was so strong, in which the latter answered “training”. He answered the usual 100 push-ups, 100 situps, 100 squats and running for 10KM per day. And as usual, Vegeta never believed him. Saitama then insults him that Vegeta never trained enough because he only has a receding hairline.

The manga ends with Vegeta going home because of Bulma’s call. The two exchanged numbers before parting. And the next day, Saitama was seen watching Dragon Ball with Genos. Saitama insisted that he fought with Vegeta, to which Genos doesn’t believe because Vegeta is an “anime character”. This manga was made by a Japanese fan and it is a good one because it stayed true to the roots of the two anime. If ONE and Akira Toriyama would do a crossover, I imagine it to be like this manga.


Jiren’s Mindblowing Power Level Confirmed In The Newest DBS Manga

Jiren is one of the strongest characters in Dragon Ball Super. He was properly introduced in the Tournament of Power, and he belongs to Universe 11’s Pride Troopers. Ever since he was introduced to us, I think everyone wanted to see him fight against Goku.

A week ago, we got the one-hour special of Dragon Ball Super, and we were able to witness just how powerful Jiren was, really. He was able to crush Goku without even trying, and his glare was enough to defeat him. Talk about being overpowered! Jiren is without a doubt someone who is on the level of a God of Destruction. Whis specifically mentioned that Jiren has reached the level of a God of Destruction.

The rumors about a mortal who is stronger than a God of Destruction were true, and it appears as if that mortal was none other than Jiren. Recently, Toei confirmed Jiren’s monstrous power. This happened just before the One-Hour Special aired, and they mentioned something on their website saying when using his full power, he rivaled even the Gods of Destruction. I think it came as a shock to many. Jiren is a mortal, and even then, he has such monstrous power.

Now, even the Dragon Ball Super manga has confirmed that Jiren is as strong as the Gods of Destruction. But, that’s not all. They’ve made him even more overpowered! In Goku’s fight vs Toppo, we see the two having small talk with each other, and there Toppo mentioned something that just confirmed how powerful Jiren is.

According to Toppo, Jiren is STRONGER than the God of Destruction of

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