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David Schwimmer Net Worth: Friends Star’s Career & Salary

David Schwimmer Net Worth

Who doesn’t know David Schwimmer? Well, if you don’t, he was a part of one of the biggest American TV shows ever — FRIENDS. The show aired on NBC from September 22, 1994, to May 6, 2004. It has been 15 years since the show aired its finale. But even after all this time, the show has stood the test of time when it comes to its popularity. People can’t get enough of the goofy bunch that was the main cast members of the show. Through its highly quotable lines, goofy gags, and heartwarming moments, FRIENDS is a pop culture mammoth. With its enormous success, the show also helped the cast earn some heavy dough. With each new season getting more and more viewership, the actors’ pays followed suit. And David Schwimmer is no different, earning serious money from the show.

On May 27, 2021, a long-rumored and anticipated FRIENDS reunion special finally premiered on HBO Max. The reunion special celebrated the 25th anniversary of the iconic sitcom. All the stars are back in a heartwarming return, reminiscing and sharing their experiences about their days during the show. Jennifer Aniston (Rachel), Courtney Cox (Monica), Lisa Kudrow (Phoebe), Matt LeBlanc (Joey), Matthew Perry (Chandler), and of course, David Schwimmer (Ross) — everyone is back in the reunion special, tugging at the nostalgic strings for fans who couldn’t wait to revisit their favorite stars being together once again. The iconic sitcom is arguably the most popular one not just in the US, but globally too. And the greatness of the show has also translated to tremendous money, making the stars incredibly wealthy. Today we take a look at how much has it actually contributed to the net worth of David Schwimmer.

Friends Reunion Release Date

Friends: The Reunion/HBO Max.

David Schwimmer Net Worth

David played Ross Geller in the show, beloved by the fans, gaining popularity as well as a lot of moolah. According to reports, David Schwimmer has a net worth of a whopping $100 million. In addition to the insanely successful sitcom, he has also appeared in many movies and TV shows over the years. Apart from Friends, Schwimmer has also lent his voice to Melman the Giraffe in the Madagascar series. He also played Robert Kardashian in The People v. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story. And apart from his acting career, he’s also the co-owner of Lookingglass Theatre Productions. But it’s the immensely popular sitcom that has made him as rich as he is today. So let’s delve into how exactly did he earn that much money from the show.

How Did the FRIENDS Star Become So Rich?

Ross Geller actor Friends

Schwimmer played Ross Geller on NBC’s popular sitcom FRIENDS.

So the first season of FRIENDS stated from the main cast members getting about $22,500 per episode. This made their total payment for season 1 a solid $540,000. Season 2 saw a rise in both the popularity and the pay the main cast received. Each member of the main cast, including Schwimmer, got $40,000 per episode. This was the equivalent of $960,000 per year. For the third season, the cast came together to get a pay raise, which they got, earning $75,000 per episode. For season 4, Schwimmer and his castmates got $85,000 per episode, making the annual earning up to $2.04 million. They got $100,000 per episode for season 5 while $125,000 per episode for season 6.

The main cast came together again to demand a higher-paying contract for the upcoming season. They eventually got a new and highly profitable contract for the rest of the seasons. One of the main reasons for this was the unity within the main castmates. Under the new contract, David Schwimmer and others got $750,000 per episode for seasons 7 and 8. And for seasons nine and ten, they earned a whopping $1 million per episode. This hefty amount accounted for about $90 million base salaries from the show alone. Add to that, his theatre and additional acting credits, and you’ve earned yourself more than you can ever spend. And like others, David’s also been earning money from the show in the form of royalties ever since it ended. Add it all up, and you get to the behemoth figure of $100 million.

You can stream FRIENDS: The Reunion on HBO Max and all of the seasons on Netflix.

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