D_Cide Traumerei The Animation Episode 2: Preview and Recap

D_Cide Traumerei The Animation

A young boy lost someone during rain in the middle of the night; he only had blood in his hands. After a few weeks of an incident, Ryuhei headed to school and heard the lady’s voice calling him. Let’s find more about D_Cide Traumerei The Animation. Ryuhei and Rena enjoy walking together, talking about the next game. Ryuhei told Rena to come and watch him playing games. Rena replies that she is scared that Ryuhei will lose in front of a girl. Rena’s friend joined them and talked about Karaoke.

Ryuhei saw Murase, talked with him, and asked him about yesterday’s Ruler of the Dragon game. Murase replies that everyone is talking about the Zolt guy who knocked Ponsuke out of the top spot. Ryuhei realizes that World Championship is around the corner. Rena can’t believe that boys won’t get over the games and asks Ibusaki if she will do Karaoke after school. Murase and Ryuhei went to the kickboxing gym and had a sparring match. On his way home, Ryuhei saw a raccoon that almost bites his leg.

Ryuhei arrives inside his room and falls asleep, then had a strange dream and waked up in another world. Ryuhei gets surprised when he starts to float in that world, but he maintains his balance. He enjoys playing around using his new powers, and a portal opens. Ryuhei saw giant robotic hands emerging from a ”portal” and begins to run away. Two begins arrived and killed one of those monsters telling Ryuhei to go to a safe place. The girl told Ryuhei to hurry before the Desaria appears. They begin to fight the monsters, and Ryuhei wakes up when he was about to be killed.

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In the morning, Ryuhei told Murase what happened last night. Murase feels like he is familiar with the word Desaria. The boys enjoy hanging around at school until they return home. Ryuhei relaxes inside his room and wonders why he was in another world where he got chased by monsters. He wonders if the incident is related to the past and recalls the day he lost someone who died in front of him. Ryuhei realizes that he lost his brother at a young age, and he wakes up and begins sparring alone.

Later, Ryuhei heads out in the middle of the night while another guy enjoys playing a game trying to beat Ruler of Dragon online player rankings. The guy notices that someone has taken his spot and throws away his cellphone, saying that he is the champion of ROD. Ryuhei felt something strange, and the girls near him comment that Desaria is coming. Ryuhei realizes that he has heard Desaria before and wonders why in this world.

D_Cide Traumerei The Animation
D_Cide Traumerei The Animation


Ryuhei chase that girl talking about Desaria and encounter a portal. In another world, the heroes are fighting with the monsters. They begin to kill them using their powers; meanwhile, Ryuhei asks the girls about the portal. The girls can’t see anything and wonders if Ryuhei is crazy. Ryuhei realizes that he is the only one who can see this. One of the monsters manages to appear, and a strange girl arrives wondering if Ryuhei is messing with the monster.

The girl jumps with Ryhei to another world and uses her machine gun to kill the monsters. The girl reminds Ryhei that they are in the real world and he will die. She wonders if Ryuhei is a Knocker-up. Ryuhei asks what Knocker-up is, and the girl replies that she thought Ryuhei is some new kid Tris chose. The girl calls Aruto to hurry since this kid has no powers and can go somewhere safe.

Ryuhei wonders what is happening in this world, and Aruto saved him from a mighty blow. A monster appears, and Ryuhei comments that it is like a video game. Aruto manages to take that monster down, and Ryuhei jumps to the other side. Meanwhile, the citizens complain about another suicide, and the ladies said they chose the wrong time for suicide. Ryuhei realizes that everything is accurate, and he has to fight back. He manages to find his source of power and joining the Knocker-Up.

D_Cide Traumerei The Animation Episode 2 Release Date

D_Cide Traumerei The Animation Episode 2 release date is 17 July 2021. You can watch D_Cide Traumerei The Animation online on ANIPLUS.

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