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Crossword Mysteries Filming Locations: All About The Shoots

Crossword Mysteries Filming Location
Crossword Mysteries.

Crossword Mysteries is an American crime drama romance movie series, which premiered in 2019. The series is directed by Peter Benson and stars Lacey Chabert, Brennan Elliot, and Barbara Niven, as Tess Harper, Logan O’Connor, and Aunt Candace respectively. The series centers around Tess Harper, a crossword puzzle editor after she volunteers to participate in a crossword solving competition with a new supercomputer and finds herself swept up into the investigation of the bizarre murder of the tech CEO. The show is known for having many goofs, for example, in one episode of detective, Logan touches evidence with his bare hands, which a real detective would never do.

The series is a Hallmark original, which is why it stars resident Hallmark girl Lacey Chabert. As is the case with all Hallmark movies and series, the series is known for its heartwarming romance, wholesome family content, and absolutely gorgeous picturesque backdrop. The Crossword Mysteries franchise includes, ‘A Puzzle To Die For’ and ‘Proposing Murder’, both of which were released in 2019, ‘Abracadaver’, which was released in 2020, and ‘Terminal Descent’ and ‘Riddle Me Dead’, which were released in 2021.

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Crossword Mysteries

Tess and Logan.


Crossword Mysteries storyline revolves around Tess Harper, a crossword puzzle editor who gets swept up into the investigation of the murder of a tech CEO after she agrees to participate in a crossword solving competition. A crossword is found on the murdered owner of a burglarized art gallery. Tess, the sentinel crossword editor, finds clues in crosswords. Eventually, Detective Logan accepts her clues and help, while she also runs a crossword tournament. Tess dives into Logan’s murder investigation. In another movie, when a magic act turns out to be a murder, Tess is on the case to find the real killer. After which she volunteers to participate in the crossword solving competition with the new supercomputer.

Being a crossword puzzle editor herself, she finds herself swept into the most important case yet. The bizarre murder of the tech CEO. In another movie of the series, she gets invited to be a part of a popular game show, but when the host is unexpectedly murdered, she along with Detective Logan O’Connor try to discover who was behind it all. The series is made with all the typical ingredients one would find in any Hallmark movie or series. Romance, a beautiful backdrop, and Lacey Chabert, who has been in a ton of Hallmark movies and shows. The series has not received positive reviews from critics or viewers but seems to be a good watch when you just want to sit back, relax, and kill time really, no pun intended of course. We would say it is worth a one-time watch, maybe.

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Crossword Mysteries

Vancouver, Canada.

Crossword Mysteries Filming Locations

The Crossword Mysteries movie series was shot in the Toronto and Ontario area of Canada. The movies are filmed in different parts of Canada. For example, Crossword Mysteries: Riddle Me Dead, is filmed entirely in British Columbia. Two-thirds of the province is covered by the forest, bordered by the state of Alaska and the Pacific Ocean. Along with six National Parks and some UNESCO world heritage sites, it also has over 400 provincial parks and conservation areas. The westernmost Canadian province is a sought-after filming location, thanks to its beautiful natural landscapes, high-standard equipment, and other production facilities. Several famous movies have been filmed there over the decades. However, the shooting of Crossword mysteries: Riddle Me Dead’s filming was limited to a specific location.

The movie was filmed in Vancouver, British Columbia. Other movies in the franchise like Crossword Mysteries: A Puzzle To Die For and Crossword Mysteries: Proposing Murder were filmed in the Toronto and Ontario areas of Canada. Crossword Mysteries: Abracadaver was also filmed in Canada. Filming for the movie wrapped back in August 2019. The Crossword Mysteries movies are all filmed in Canada. Crossword Mysteries: Terminal Descent was also filmed in Vancouver, British Columbia, just like ‘Riddle Me Dead’. The city’s history of hosting movies and TV show productions has been remarkable, but apart from that, the city also dominates the country’s forest and tourism industry, which has been booming since people have been noticing that most of their favorite TV shows and movies are filmed there.

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