Crayon Shin-chan Anime Announces A New Film

Shin-chan might not be the anime that you’d talk about when you’re comparing cool anime. But, it is one of the all-time children classics. I grew up watching it, and I’m sure many of you did as well. Shin-chan has fans all over the world, and it is very popular. The official website for the Crayon Shin-chan anime films revealed that they are releasing a new film soon. This will be the 27th film in the series, and it is titled Eiga Crayon Shin-chan Shinkon Ryokō Hurricane ~Ushinawareta Hiroshi~ (Crayon Shin-chan the Movie: Honeymoon Hurricane, Lost Hiroshi).

Crayon Shin-chan New Film

The film will open in Japan on April 19. A teaser video for the film was also released on the website. The new movie is inspired by the Indiana Jones franchise. The title of the movie is also a reference to the Japanese title of the Raiders of the Lost Ark film. The movie is set in Australia, and it follows the Nohara family as they go on an inexpensive, family-friendly honeymoon trip. They had planned a romantic trip but, due to the budget restrictions, Misae found the inexpensive trip.

Crayon Shin Chan

In the movie Misae, Hiroshi and their children get caught up in a mess, and Hiroshi becomes the center of the story. He becomes a key(not literally) to a treasure. Hiroshi is taken away after the family’s arrival in Australia. Now, the rest of the Nohara family must deal with the mysterious masked group and a bunch of treasure hunters.

Yumiko Kobayashi will be voicing Shinnosuke Nohara. She took over from Akiko Yajima after she stepped down from the role. Yumiko took over in July from Akiko. This will be Yumiko’s first movie in the franchise. The rest of the cast will be the same. Masakazu Hashimoto is directing the movie and Kimiko Ueno is writing the script for the movie.

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