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Con-Heartist Thai Movie (2020) Review

The Con Heartist

Thai Movie Con-Heartist is released in the year 2020. The movie Con-Heartist is based on the life of swindlers and how a girl who was con by a boy takes her revenge. The story is about a girl who is ditched by her boyfriend as he cons her. She took an act of revenge using a group of con artists on his ex. It is to be seen if she can swindle her ex. The movie is directed by Mez Tharatorn and produces by Jira Maligool. The story is written by Pattaranad Bhiboonsawade, Mez Tharatorn, and Thodsapon Thiptinnakorn. This movie has been nominated for Thailand National Film Association Award for Best Supporting Actress and Actor.

Con-Heartist is released on December 3, 2020. The total runtime of the movie is 120 minutes which is around 2 hours 10 minutes. The movie has a genre as Debt, Con Artist, Unusual Friendship, and Revenge. You can watch this movie online on any platform. The movie is quite interesting as you can see many angles of a relationship. How a simple girl can turn opposite to take revenge on someone who broke her heart and scammed her. It is a Thai movie available in English and Chinese subtitles.

Star cast of movie Con-Heartist

The movie Con-Heartist revolves around the life of the girl who was scammed by her boyfriend and again scam by a group of con artists. She uses the group of a con artist to take revenge on her boyfriend. The movie is starring Nadech Kugimiya as Tower, Baifern Pimchanok Luevisadpaibul as Ina, and Bank Thiti Mahayotaruk as Petch. They are the lead actors of the movie. The movie revolves around the life of three. The movie builds the plot around these three characters. The story runs on their lives.

The other supporting cast of the movie is starring Mam Kathaleeya McIntosh as Ms. Nongnuch and Phuak Pongsatorn Jongwilas as Mr. Jone. These are the other character that helps in building the movie.

There is another Guest Role too in the movie Ter Chantavit Dhanasevi as Samson. There are fewer actors in the movie so the character development can be seen throughout the movie. Overall the characters are less which makes it easier to understand and interlink each character to each other.


The movie Con Heartist movie is released in the year 2020. It is a Thai movie available in English and Chinese subtitles. the movie revolves around the struggles f an inni=ocent girl who is scammed again and again. she is innocent and easy to scam people use her and then make money out of it. The movie revolves around the life of a girl who is Ex bank employee. Ina turns completely broke. She has to survive on the bananas as the meal. That was one hell of a life she was having a rough phase of her life.

She was dating a guy and he ditched her and scams her and took away her money. after this she turns completely broke and unstable. Then she comes across another scammer and was about to get scam in a phone scandal. She immediately gets to her sense and caught the scammers. after this, she finally then decides not to hand them to the police else she uses them. She uses them to take revenge on her ex-lover.

Overall it does seem interesting with the plot synopsis and what happens next. Will she be able to take revenge on her ex and con him for what he did with her?…….. Will she be able to forget the pain she has gone through and how she overcomes everything that will be seen in the movie plot.

The con-Heartist Review

The con-Heartist movie stills.

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Plot of movie Con Heartist

The movie has done a great market grossing according to the time and situations. The movie has some different type of plot, not a cliché love story. The themes are different. The movie is based upon the swindlers and how at the end they are used by a girl. The movie has a different touch and feels to it it is not a regular romantic comedy movie or thriller. It is something that goes in the suspense swindling and friendship genre.

The movie starts with the life of a girl name Ina she is a bank employee and has a perfect life. She is also having a sorted dating life while others are lacking it. It was one such happening life that many people miss out on. Living in luxury she never realizes her boyfriend is a con artist or a scammer. She trusts him faithfully and this turns out to be toxic. Her lover/boyfriend took away all her money and flew away while she was not aware of what is hoping on.

She is asked to leave the job and the happy face turns to be one of the saddest phases of her life. She goes bankrupt at that point she has nothing to do nothing to eat nor live. Life turns into a living hell. She uses to eat bananas as her meal during the crisis. Ira being helpless all this time due to her work and the scam she went through.

This trauma hasn’t stopped yet she has to go through another hit. She was again scam by a group of the con artist. This time she is scam over the mobile-related ruckus. She is broke but this time she can catch the con artist. Instead of letting this incident go to a legal round, she uses the con artist. Then she asks him to help out conning his ex-boyfriend who took away all her money. The plot is all about a crazy journey of a girl whose innocence gave her some major pain in life. It is to witness the journey of her taking revenge on the man who played with her.

The con-Heartist review

Final Verdict

The movie Con Heartist is a story of con versus con. The first lead of the movie is Tower (Nadech Kugimiya). He is a serial con-artist who unfortunately picks the wrong target in Ina (Pimchanok Luevisadpaibul). Also, he gets blackmail to help her get revenge on her ex, Petch (Thiti Mahayotaruk). He is a sweet-talking trickster who has a habit of using women with their money.

It is interesting to see if Ina will fell for Tower who is suppose to help her. The plot becomes juicer as it involves emotions a new romance. It is an interesting story that isn’t a normal plot which makes it supremely watchable. The emotions in the movie complicate as it is some unexpected thing going on.

There are many funny improvements from Tower. Also, these side characters are one reason that the film shines the most. Volunteer playing a false CEO of a Chinese beer company, Ms. Nongnuch (Kathaleeya McIntosh) is a helpless but lovable former teacher, Jone (Pongsatorn Jongwilas) who shows up as Tower’s born-from-the-same-prison brother. They all keep the liveliness alive in the movie. Some of the other things are going on in the movie.

The movie Con-Heartist is a romantic comedy. The comedic element is majorly played by Jone whose name means crook in Thai. There is one scene where he has to look like he is having a serious discussion at that time he is singing with the modified beats. The scene is hilarious and many such scenes follow up in the movie. Talking about the romantic part there is no very descriptive romantic element.

The scene which is expected between Ina and Tower they are not so explaining. There can be dates and all seen in the movie but the romance element was quite missing. The only romance which can be seen in the movie is at the end when Ina passes a letter to Tower hoping he will reply. This is a light-hearted film which can be enjoyed by many people.

Overall, the movie Con Heartist is surely a great Thai movie to watch. It is funny and full of suspense. There are some fun elements and some cute moments too. If you want some refreshing movie to watch with your family then you can surely go for this one. It surely is one movie to binge-watch.

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