Comedy Premium League Netflix: What is The Show About?

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Comedy Premium League
Comedy Premium League

Netflix has also joined the list of Amazon Prime’s “Comicstaan” by coming out with “Comedy Premium League.” The streaming giant did not want to miss out on the opportunity of a celebrity game show. In addition to that, the decision-makers at Netflix have tried to target millions of viewers at the same time. But the question is, how did they do that? The first answer is that Netflix already has a huge number of subscribers in India that already covers up that number of viewers. On the other hand, the streaming giant has brought in most of the famous and well-known influencers and comics altogether in one show. 

These influencers have a huge fanbase of their own that would come to Netflix to watch them perform. However, even if a small number of those followers come to watch their favorite influencers, it is a big win for Netflix. Although, what is this show really about? Well, as we said, it is like Amazon Prime’s “Comicstaan,” where the comedians take a jibe at each other with their jokes. But what is different with Netflix is that there are both influencers and stand-up comedians on this show. Some popular names among them include Prajakta Kohli, Tanmay Bhat, Mallika Dua, Amit Tandon, Rohan Joshi, and many more. “Comedy Premium League” has created a lot of buzz on social media platforms and the internet, so let us go ahead and find out the release date and more about the show.

Comedy Premium League Release
Comedy Premium League

Comedy Premium League: When Is The Netflix Show Releasing?

The latest celebrity game show from Netflix India has caught the attention of the viewers. “Comedy Premium League” has been released on Netflix on 20th August 2021. In addition to that, all six episodes have been released altogether. The show has the concept of all these comics and influencers competing with each other. They tell jokes or come up with instant replies to the roasts from their fellow competitors. 

The game will include various types of formats for these members to take part in. There will be stand-ups, improv, different types of comic presentations, skits, roasting each other, and more. In addition to that, a small bunch of audience present as the crowd that will judge them for their performances. Furthermore, all of these participating members will be divided into four teams, and those teams will compete with each other.

The popular influencer Prajakta Kohli is hosting the celebrity game show. She has worked in various YouTube videos and popular web series. However, her major highlight is her YouTube career. She runs her channel by the name “Mostly Sane,” which has a lot of subscribers, 6.32 million subscribers to be exact as of now. Then there is another famous name Tanmay Bhat who is also famous among the YouTube community and elsewhere too. There are other comics and influencers like the popular comic, writer, and actress Mallika Dua, Kenny Sebastian, who is also a stand-up and musician. A total of sixteen members will be a part of “Comedy Premium League.” 

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Is “Comedy Premium League” Worth The Watch?

Ever since Netflix has released the celebrity game show, there has been a lot of discussions. The viewers of the show have given their verdict on the internet and other review sites. “Comedy Premium League” did create a lot of buzz by bringing in the popular faces together. However, the buzz that was created turned out to be all for the wrong reasons. Since the show has arrived on Netflix, it has been receiving mostly negative feedback.

The show seems to have failed in fulfilling the expectations of the audience. Many fans have even gone on to say that the show seems like just a money-making source. “Comedy Premium League” is currently rated at 4.2 out of 10 on IMDB as of now. However, the ones that have been rated are in a very small number to get to a conclusion.

Comedy Premium League Release
A still from “Comedy Premium League.”

But most of the critics have also been disappointed with the show and have said that the show has nothing much to offer. Although, it is still very early to judge the show based on a few numbers in comparison to a million viewers that would have watched the show. We might get a better picture about the reception of the show when there is some news about a second season. But one cannot deny the fact that Netflix might have still made its profits even if the fraction of those followers would have watched the series. 

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