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Preview: Combatants Will Be Dispatched! Episode 11

Combatants Will Be Dispatched!
Combatants Will Be Dispatched!

Belial of the Flame and Astaroth of the Cold celebrate in the Otherside that they survived the heroes’ big counterattack and they will soon rule the world. They throw a banquet as they celebrate their victory, thinking that the war is over and Agent Six has conquered the world. The Kisaragi Corporation Employee Appreciation Party started in the evening. Astaroth stood at the balcony and watched her employees celebrating their victory. She asks Belial if they are celebrating too soon, and Belial replies that they have to relax after a battle.

Astaroth is worried that they are throwing a party without Agent Six. Belial responds that it is a party for one night. But if they are working hard as leaders, their employees can’t relax. Astaroth agrees that they can enjoy this party for one night. Belial challenges Astaroth in a 100-meter swimming race. Astaroth feels that she will lose her hour to wear swim costumes in front of her employees. Meanwhile, on the Otherside Agent Six is with Tiger Man and Alice. He told the two that the mutant mummy woman is on the altar.

Previously on Combatants Will Be Dispatched! Episode 10

Alice told Agent Six that they would head to the ruins when Grimm comeback. Agent Six said that he has to communicate with Astaroth. Tiger Man asks Agent Six if he has done something wrong, and Six told Tiger Man to stop thinking negatively. Suddenly the message pops up from the computer. Alice heads to check where the news is come from and who is trying to communicate with them. Alice read the text and reveals that it is from Lilith, ”Important! To all Kirasagi Employees, we are putting on a special live event, don’t miss it.”

Agent Six comments that Lilith is doing something dumb again. Alice opens the link for them to see the live event. Agent Six notices that it is Belial, and she is having funs with the rest of the crew. Tiger Man saw that Belia was wearing a swimming costume and said he is amazed. Agent Six notices that Astaroth is looking beautiful and jumps near Alice to see the view. Agent Six zoom the live video and changed the camera angle in his direction. He told Belial and Astaroth that he is getting ready for the final battle with Demon Lord’s army.

Victory Party

Combatants Will be Dispatched

Combatants Will Be Dispatched

Agent can’t believe that the two are throwing a party without him, and he has a battle tomorrow. First, the employees saw a board rating showing their ideal boss between Belial of the Great Flame and Astaroth the Ice Queen. Then, the hunks get ready to see their bosses in swimsuits. Belial and Astaroth wonder why the male workers don’t get tired of seeing the ladies in swimsuits. The two wonders who came up with the idea of a pool contest. Lilith comments that Agent Six sent her a message so that he can see the beauty of the ladies.

Lilith reveals that Mutant Praying Mantis Woman and Spider-Woman once took a weird liking to Agent Six. But Belial and Astaroth are so wonderful, and Agent Six can’t choose between the two. Meanwhile, agent Six is trying to see more of the hidden private parts of Belial and Astaroth using a camera. Lilith noticed that and decided to keep Belial and Astaroth busy for Agent Six to get a nice view. Unfortunately, Astaroth gets exposed after drinking too much, but she jumped inside the swimming pool. Lilith comments that alcohol made Astaroth embarrassing things she would have never done.

Belial discovered that Agent Six is peeping on them, and she scolds Lilith for supporting Agent Six with his peeping plans. Lilith hides the tablet and comments that this is the end of the long-running battle between the three of them. Astaroth communicates with Agent Six, wondering why he didn’t praise her beauty. She asks Six for who he votes for between her and Belial. Before Agent Six replies, a Hero alarm sounded, and the Heroes are on their way to crush the party. Belial told her workers to smash the Heroes and have a victory party.

Combatants Will Be Dispatched! Episode 11 Release Date

Combatants Will Be Dispatched Episode 11 release date is 13 June 2021, at 9:00 PM JST. You can watch Combatants online on AnimeLab.

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