Clint Eastwood’s Film Picked Up By Warner Bros. After Disney Drops It

Clint Eastwood has been looking to make a movie on a real-life human known as Richard Jewel. It was in developments with Fox in 2014 but the project was being halted by one reason or the other. Afterwards when Disney brought Fox, naturally this Clint Eastwood’s film became their concern and they too did not show any interest in actually making the movie.

Finally, the project was declined by Disney altogether. This meant that Clint Eastwood was free to talk and meet with other companies and now it is understood that this movie has finally got some kind of shelter under Warner Bros. They have seemingly agreed to make this project a reality and also Clint and expects that the production will start from this year only.

This means that the casting of the movie might start in a month or so as well. Previously, it was understood that big name actors like Jonah Hill and Leonardo DiCaprio will be acting in this film as well and DiCaprio most probably would have the lead role as well but that does not seem to be the case now, but they are understood to be still part of the production crew.

Clint Eastwood himself will be producing and directing this movie. As I said earlier the movie is about Richard Jewel who was a security guard 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta.

Disney drops Clint Eastwood

When the unfortunate bombing incident happened, Richard found out a bag which he thought was suspicious and understandably he cleared the area but the bomb went off and there were some casualties but Richard Jewel managed to save many lives.

Even after his heroic efforts, he was taken in as a suspect who had placed the bomb in the first place which tarnished his reputation. Even though he was cleared of all charges after some months but his reputation was found to be never the same afterwards. He then had various health issues and finally with a heart attack died in 2007 when he was just aged 44.

This is the whole sad story of Richard Jewel and Clint Eastwood seems very adamant to make a movie about this guy and make people aware of the reality. Do mention in the comments section down below what are your thoughts on Clint Eastwood’s next film presumably named The Ballad of Richard Jewel. I feel that if this movie is finally made it is going to be a pretty good one.

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