Claws Season 5: Is it Confirmed Or Canceled?

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Claws Season 5 Release Date
Claws Series

TNT’s Claws is the crime-comedy drama series of 4 seasons as of February 2022. Season 4 has just ended on TNT, and fans are already interested in Claws Season 5. The show was a single-camera comedy in the beginning. However, changes came, and the show evolved with time. The storyline is excellent in all the seasons. Created by Eliot Laurence, the show is a perfect balance of humor and smartness.

At one point, the story seemed all too complicated, but when you keep watching, every action of the characters makes sense. Desna being so ambitious and bossy would make you want to become her. The show aired in 2016 for the first time. The fourth season of Claws is still going on TNT. It’s very impressive how Elliot managed to keep the number of episodes consistent in all seasons, ten episodes each. The main characters are Desna Simms, Jennifer Husser, Virginia Loc, and Dwayne “Roller”.

Claws Season 5
Cast of Claws

Quick Look On The Plot

Desna Simms, a manicurist and owner of a nail Salon, ‘Nail Artisans,’ has big dreams to fulfill. She has a crew of five, herself, Jennifer, Ann, Polly, and Virginia. All these girls have their issues and dreams. Desna got an autistic brother, Dean. Jennifer is the mother of two girls married to an ex-gangster, Bryce, Uncle Daddy’s adopted son. Then we have a storyteller, Polly Pol, who was arrested for identity theft. Next is Quiet Ann, who is more into women than men, divorced, and not much loved for who she is. Last, in the crew, we have Virginia, a former stripper. She is finally making her place in the crew after a real struggle to win the other ladies’ trust.

Coming to the criminal part, we have Uncle Daddy, a very high-running Mafia who deals in drugs. He cleans the money through Desna’s salon. Desna helps Uncle daddy run Pill-mills, making Desna and Uncle Daddy (Roller actually) partners. Roller and Bryce are brothers and adopted sons of Uncle Daddy. Clay or Uncle Daddy is a very funny yet dangerous and even more powerful man, and to be honest, Dean Norris nailed the role!

Claws Season 5
Cast of Claws

You may think of Uncle Daddy as a dangerous man for a while, but he is indeed a family man. He loves his wife, cares for his sons, and whatnot. Some of the funniest characters of the show are Uncle Daddy, Juanda, Dr. Ken, and sometimes Polly.

Claws All Seasons Recap

The story of Claws has Desna Simms as the protagonist. Desna is the owner of a nail salon, Nail Artisans. She has a brother, Dean Simms, suffering from Autism. Desna tries her extreme best to have a great life for her brother and herself. Apart from Desna, other manicurists who work in the salon are Jennifer, Virginia, Ann, and Polly. Jennifer is Desna’s oldest and best friend. She has a small family, which she was about to lose as she was cheating on her husband, Bryce, but she manages to save it. Jennifer’s mother seduces Bryce when he is in a drunken state (nothing bad happens, though). Bryce is shot by the Russians, and the couple reconciles once he comes back to consciousness, and Jennifer vows to be more faithful to her husband.

When the ladies realize this salon business is not giving enough earning, they enter the world of mafias and illegal acts like drug-selling. Desna starts to date Roller, who is a goon and an adopted son of a very popular mafia Uncle Daddy. Later in the show, we find Roller cheating on Desna with Virginia, who was once a stripper in the strip club of Uncle Daddy. Desna tries to kill Roller, but the game turns upside down, and Roller beats Desna. Right then, Virginia shoots Roller. He survives the scene miraculously, and Roller attempts to shoot Desna at the end of Season 1, but they both fail. Roller doesn’t say it, but he loves Desna for real.

Claws Season 5
Polly, Jenn, Desna, and Ann from Claws

All the characters are somewhat mysterious. Desna is extra ambitious, which makes her seem weird to many of the viewers and me. One important secret was the reason why Desna was so restless to have a life of her own. Desna had abusive foster parents who treated her or Dean worse than animals. They even raped Dean and asked him to stay quiet, or they’d do the same to Desna. Poor child never told Desna even after they ran away. This makes Desna even more willing to get a luxurious life for her brother. A life where he feels safe.

Desna ends up building her crime empire after her brother kills the head of the Russian mob. Meanwhile, Desna and Roller were growing bonds back, Dean and Virginia, too, grow feelings, Virginia even gets pregnant with Dean, but she goes through an abortion. However, she says yes when Dean proposes to her later.

What Happens In The Ending Of Claws Season 4?

The cops arrest Virginia for the murder of Georgia. The crew stands tall with Virginia making sure she remains strong and doesn’t confess, but she does so, and that poor girl has to stay in prison for a while. Dr. Ken plays an ICE agent, and he tricks the authority into handling Virginia to him. Des is all set to take the crew far away from the mess after she shoots Uncle Daddy. The crew plans to restart life, and the plan is to run away to Cuba in a boat. Dean is not joining since he’s having a baby with Eve. Polly, the Richie rich lady, takes care of Jenn’s worry of leaving her daughters behind, and she also gifts Dr. Ken his own clinic as a Goodbye.

So, all on board, we have Des, Jenn, Polly, Bryce, Jenn’s daughters, and Virginia. Quiet Ann starts working for some federal agencies. Thus, she’s out of crew now!

Ann finds out Desna is escaping, so she follows her. Desna shoots Ann, but by then, Ann had planted the boat with dynamites. There’s a huge explosion, and nothing remains back. Now we’re flash forward two months, and Dean receives a mysterious tape where Desna tells him about how she planned the explosion, and it was all fake. She mentions Ann, and she got back together, and it was all to close the chapter. In the last scene, we see girls enjoying themselves at a bar in Havana, Cuba. Desna gives a final speech recalling everything that crossed her path and says, “Y’all are what is important” to the girls. As the girls cheer on each other, Ann’s water breaks, and THE END!

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Look at those nails!

Claws Season 5 Release Date: Is The Show Renewed Or Cancelled?

Claws Season 5 is not happening, guys! Even before Season 4 was premiered, the producers confirmed the show would have a fourth season as the final one. The season is written so as to put the banner of “THE END” on the story. Fans surely wanted more of Claws but guess we would have to re-watch the show after this season.

The reason given for the decision is that the show was dealing with some fall on rating as well as the ongoing global pandemic. Season 1 and 2 did very well in case of ratings, but further seasons weren’t liked that much. All the producers have decided it. They must have thought very well, so let’s just make peace with the fact that Claws Season 5 would not be needed.

Where To Watch Claws?

The show premieres on TNT, but the viewers can also watch Claws on Amazon Prime. Some other alternatives are Hulu, Vudu, and iTunes.

You can find all the seasons of Claws to binge on these alternatives. Have fun binging!

Amazon Prime Video
The Amazing Cast of Claws

Meet The Cast Of Claws

Desna Simms is the main character of the show Claws. We have Niecy Nash playing the role of Desna. Jennifer Lyon is Jennifer Husser in the show, Desna’s bestie and Bryce’s wife. Next, we have Karrueche Tran playing Virginia Loc, former stripper and manicurist in the series. Then we have Jack Kesy as Roller, a high-powered drug dealer. Roller is also the boyfriend of Desna. He cheats her with Virginia, though, but they get back together. After Roller, we have Kevin Rankin as Jennifer’s husband, Bryce. Bryce is Roller’s brother, nephew of Uncle Daddy. We also see Harold Perrineau as Dean Simms, Desna’s autistic brother who loves Virginia. Some other important characters are Ann (Judy Reyes), Polly (Carrie Preston), and Uncle Daddy (Dean Joseph Norris).

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