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Chucky Episode 4: Release Date, Recap & Spoilers

Chucky Episode 4

The fans and viewers are quite excited to see what happens next in Chucky Episode 4. This series has been going strong with the first three episodes already out now. In addition to that, the show has also managed to impress the critics as well. The series has a score of over ninety-five percent on Rotten Tomatoes whereas the audience score is above ninety percent. Furthermore, the show has a good rating of 7.5 out of 10 on IMDB as well.

This is because the show has been doing great with the storyline of this series so far. Moreover, the characters have been impressing the fans a lot with their roles as well. Other than that, we have the creator of the series named Don Mancini who is very popular for his horror franchise. He wrote the story of the famous horror slasher film “Child’s Play” that came out on 9th November 1988 and became a huge success. This made way for more sequels to the original film and television show as well.

Eventually, “Child’s Play” became a very popular horror film franchise. The franchise now has a total of seven films in it with the last film being released in the year 2017 on 3rd October titled “Cult of Chucky”. Furthermore, the ongoing latest horror slasher series is a sequel to the previous film in the franchise. This has attracted all of those fans and viewers who are loyal to the franchise and have watched the last film in the franchise. The audience has now witnessed the first three episodes of the series and now they are eager to watch Chucky Episode 4. However, let us first take a recap of the previous episode before we discuss the release of the next one.

Chucky Episode 4

Chucky Episode 3 Recap

Episode 3 of Chucky Season 1 came out on 26th October 2021. Furthermore, the episode was titled “I Like To Be Hugged”. The episode began with Chucky convincing Jake to kill Lexy but Jake asks him how did he become a killer. Chucky then remembers his time back in Hackensack when he was a normal kid. On the other hand, Detective Evans tries to clear her suspicions about Jake with his Biology teacher but she refuses to talk to her about Jake.

Finally, we see Jake trying to find Lexy alone as he tracks her down and follows her during her morning run. However, he runs into Junior who is also wearing the same color clothes, and stops. Meanwhile, Junior tells Lexy to apologize to Jake and she also sees her sister Caroline screaming to have Chucky the doll. So she goes to apologize to Jake and ask for Chucky but he refuses to give him. However, Chucky convinces him to hand him over to Caroline so he can kill Lexy for her.

Chucky Episode 4

Jake tries to kill Lexy

Later on, Jake gives Chucky to Caroline and Chucky begins his plan to kill Lexy when she throws a party at her house. Although, he mistakenly stabs Oliver thinking it’s Lexy and then stabs him to death anyway. No one hears Oliver scream for help due to the loud music. Then we see Lexy get high in her room but Chucky comes there and tries to kill her and all of that struggle causes fire in her room. Meanwhile, Jake is at his parent’s graves feeling bad for what he is doing. We finally see Chucky remember his past about he became a killer when he killed his own mother helping another murderer in his house when he was a child.

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Chucky Episode 4: When Will It Release & What To Expect?

The previous episode finally gave the viewers a look at Chucky’s past and got them excited for the next episode. “Chucky Episode 4 will release on 2nd November 2021 at 10 pm ET on USA Network.” In addition to that, the episode will be titled “Just Let Go”. The next episode will reveal the answer to the cliffhanger whether Chucky killed Lexy or not. Furthermore, we will see what happens when Oliver is found dead by everyone. Who will be under suspicion since Jake was not present at the party? Will Lexy tell everyone it was Chucky? Stay tuned to find out on Tuesday.

How To Watch Chucky Season 1? Streaming Details

The latest horror slashing series is getting the viewers excited with every new episode and they are hooked. That is why they are searching about where to watch Chucky Season 1? The answer to that question is a rather simple one. “Chucky Season 1 airs every Tuesday at 10 pm ET on USA Network and Syfy.” Moreover, the season is available on the official website of Syfy as well. So go ahead and watch the episodes if you haven’t already.

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