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Spoilers: Cestvs: The Roman Fighter Episode 4

Cestvs The Roman Fighter
Cestvs The Roman Fighter

After being forced to fight Ruska, Cestvs: The Roman Fighter got in a brawl with Ruska, but Nero scolds Agrippina for forcing them to fight. Agrippina left the battlefield, and the battle ended in a draw. In the morning, the high-ups told Lady Sabina that there is an upcoming fighting tournament. Sabina asks Cestvs if he will fight, and Cestvs agrees. The civilians arrive packing that their family will go bankrupt, and Sabina told them to relax and tell her what is happening.

The lady reveals that some punks are hanging around her bar. The punks are extorting and beating the customers; the store is in a mess. Sabina rise and comment that she won’t allow that kind of violence in her city. She talks with the fighters and asks if they can handle those punks. Sabina led the way and told the fighters to follow, and she will get rid of those thugs. The bar owner praises her since she is going to save her bar. They arrive at the scene and finds that those punks are old boxing fighters.

Previously on Cestvs: The Roman Fighter Episode 3

Sabina points at them and comments that she will eliminate them. The young muscles bosses got up and told her who she is to point at their boss—the fighters realizing that the punks need some fist to listen. The battle begins, and Cestvs managed to take down the muscles’ young bosses. The real boss gets up after noticing that Cestvs is punishing his underlings. He exchanged blows with Cestvs, but he realizes that he has no match and grapples with pushing Cestvs away. The boss managed to escape, and Cestvs pursues him.

Cestvs fails to capture the boss since he was using civilians as bait for him to flee. Ruddock catches up with Cestvs and reveals that they call them onlookers because they won’t get involved. Agrippina arrived and told them that they should not have let him escape. Nascha reveals that Emden has taken care of the problem. Emden arrives, pulling the boss using a rope. The civilian’s comment that no one stands a chance against Emden. Cestvs looks at the boss and notices that Emden beat him the boss half to death.

Emden comments that Lady Sabina should not have marched in with the outsiders that can’t be trusted. The man capable of doing the job is him since other fighters are falling. The fighters scold Emden, and Lady Sabina supports them. Sabina reminded Emden about his promise and said she has heard that he achieved an unbeaten 48-match win streak. She is also impressed that he revived the nickname called Immovable Object. Sabina reveals that the girls have fallen for him due to his strength, power, and achievements.

Cestvs The Roman Fighter

Cestvs The Roman Fighter

Legendary Record

Emden replies that he will fulfill their promise at the next tournament without fail. Nascha realizes that no matter how successful Emden becomes or how much he demonstrates his love for her. But this goodness will never give Emden her attention. Cestvs wonders what promise Sabina is talking about. Nascha realizes that Sabina never treats Emden well. On her birthday, Emden wanted to congratulate her, but she comments that a fighting slave is not worthy of congratulating her.

That day Sabina asks Emden what gift he has for her. Emden replies that it is an unbroken 30-fight win streak that will never fade. He told her that is what he will give her, and Nascha was annoyed by that. He realizes that Sabina will keep on toying with him, and he should forget about her. Sabina asks Nascha if that record is really worth screaming about. Nascha reveals that there hasn’t been a gladiator in Pompeii who has won more than 26 consecutive matches.

Sabina got impressed and told Emden that she wants him to win 50 matches as her birthday gift. She told him that it would be a legendary record, and once he completes that, she will grant him his freedom and make him her official retainer. That day Emden accept the offer. In the present, Sabina reminds Emden that he is left with two victories meaning that he has won 48-matches. Later Emden completed two victories and told all the fighters to fight him, but he knocks them out.

Cestvs: The Roman Fighter Episode 4 Release Date and Preview

Cestvs: The Roman Fighter Episode 4 will air on Thursday, 4 May 2021, at 12:55 AM JST. You can watch Cestvs: The Roman Fighter online officially on Crunchyroll or ANIPLUS.

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