Cells At Work! Reveals New Anime Episode This December

Cells at Work! will release new episodes this December in celebration of the series’ first major event for the anime. New trailer and spoilers for the new episodes are also revealed during the press release. The new episode will feature a new character and a story about getting rid of a cold.

Cells At Work! New Anime Episode To Be Released This December

Cells At Work! anime premiered last July and became one of the talked-about series. Written by Akane Shimizu, the first season ended its 13-episode run last September 30. Because of the success of the series, an event for the series called “Festival at Work!” will feature an additional episode that will be broadcasted on Tokyo MX, BS11, Gunma TV, and Tochigi TV, as per Anime News Network. You can watch the trailer of the new episode below.

The new episode is titled “Kaze Shokogun” or Cold Syndrome and will be released on December 26 in Japan. The episode will be about a mysterious cell that will suddenly appear in the human body. He has a stylish hat and will appear in front of the bored regular cells. This mysterious cell will convince the regular cells to stop cell division and have fun instead. White Blood Cell and Killer T Cell will have have a hard time dealing with the slacking regular cells and the mysterious cell with a fancy hat.

cells at work new episode

But before the Cells at Work new episode will premiere, a stage play is ongoing at Theatre 1010 and features the beloved cells from the series. The stage play has been running since November 16 and will continue to do so until November 25. Cast includes Masanari Wada as White Blood Cell, Kanon Nanaki as Red Blood Cell, Yuki Kimisawa as Killer T Cell, and Takeshi James Yamada as General Cell. Tsuyoshi Kida is directing the stage play.

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