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  • Seven Deadly Sins 285

    Seven Deadly Sins 285 Leaks and Release Date

    In this post, we will be talking about Seven Deadly Sins 285 spoilers and release date. Seven Deadly Sins is wrapped up the battle between the trio of Ban, Meliodas, Wild and the Demon King. It hasn’t been the easiest of fights for Meliodas and Ban. The Demon King wasn’t going to be a pushover. […] More

  • Seven Deadly Sins Chapter 284

    Seven Deadly Sins Chapter 284— The Door To Hope

    Seven Deadly Sins’ latest chapter was staggering. Previously we saw Mael being freed from Estarossa personality with the help of Gowther’s ability. Now our attention has been turned towards the Demon King. Before we begin this post, let me warn you that this post has spoilers for Seven Deadly Sins. If you don’t like to […] More

  • Seven Deadly Sins Manga Is Ending!

    Seven Deadly Sins Manga Is Ending!

    Seven Deadly Sins is one of the most popular manga right now. It is currently on its 277th chapter, with the series getting stronger and stronger over time. However, the author of the manga announced that he plans to end the series soon. After the series ends, a sequel seems unlikely because the author seems […] More

  • Seven Deadly Sins 276

    Seven Deadly Sins 276 Delayed, New Release Date

    The next chapter of Seven Deadly Sins has been delayed. However, we will get two short chapters which will be side stories, and they are just for fun. We have had some intense chapters, so it is about time that we get a well-deserved break from the exhilarating chapters. This post is full of spoilers, […] More

  • Seven Deadly Sins 275

    Seven Deadly Sins 275 Potential Spoilers

    After the intense chapter 274, we are in for another treat with Seven Deadly Sins Chapter 275. Before we start this post, I’d like to point out that post has potential spoilers, so please read ahead at your own risk. In the previous chapter, we saw a big revelation, which was related to Mael/Estarossa. It […] More

  • Seven Deadly Sins 274 Review

    Seven Deadly Sins 274 Review

    Seven Deadly Sins is arguably the most exciting manga which is going on. The manga is making one shocking revelation after another. The most recent of these revelations took place in Seven Deadly Sins 274. In the chapter, we saw that Estarosaa has feathers on his back just like the Archangels. King could not believe […] More