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    Marco’s Untold Past – A Former Beast Pirate!

    We all already know Marco “The Phoenix”: he is for sure one of the strongest characters in the whole series, he ate an incredibly powerful Devil Fruit and he was even the 1st division commander of the Whitebeard Pirates. We have always seen him in his crew and among his crewmates, but where does he […]

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    Kishimoto Creator of Naruto Announces New Series

    In an interview, Manga creator Masashi Kishimoto confirmed that he is previously planning his next project and that he has now done research for it. He said in the interview that he thinks he can announce the project this year, but there is no definite date. He did not specify the project’s format. Kishimoto visited […]

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    ‘One Piece: World Seeker’ Releases First Trailor

    One Piece World Seeker is the Upcoming One Piece game to be releasing besides One Piece Grand and Cruise, and lately, in Shonen Jump Magazine, it was revealed that the game would be releasing on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC Steam. It was confirmed in the magazine that it would exclusively be released on […]

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    ‘My Hero Academia’ Season 3 First Teaser

    My Hero Academia has been serialized in Weekly Shounen Jump since July 2014. The series currently has 16 collected volumes in print, with the latest published on November 2. The manga has got two anime seasons by studio Bones, which displayed in Spring 2016 and Spring 2017 for 12 episodes & 25 episodes, individually.  A third […]

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    Lafitte’s Crazy Powers The Mythical Zoan of Legend

    Have you ever wondered how did Lafitte manage to sneak into the Shichibukai meeting? In marineford, it was stated that Lafitte uses hypnosis on the marines to open the gates of justice. He may have done the same to sneak into the meeting. But how is Lafitte able to hypnotize people? Is it Devil Fruit? […]

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    One Piece – How Strong Is Yasopp?

    Yasopp is the sniper of the Red Hair Pirates and one of Shanks’ core crewmates alongside with Benn Beckman and Lucky Roo; in addition, we know that he’s also Usopp’s father. As far as his backstory is concerned, Yasopp left his wife and his son in order to become a pirate, but he usually talks […]

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    Frieza’s Hidden Plan And Fate In ToP

    As the end of the Tournament of Power draws near, Frieza will soon be forced to engage in a significant battle to help the Universe 7 win the tournament. Frieza has not only been watching every situation inside the arena but also to what the Gods are speaking in the stands to formulate a plan […]

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    Boruto – 3 Main Reasons Why Sasuke Is More Likely To Die Than Naruto

    With the beginning of the new series “Boruto: Naruto Next Generations” we early understood that one between Naruto and Sasuke will probably die. Although the majority of the fans think that will be Naruto to leave us all, on the contrary, I’m strongly convinced that Sasuke’s chances to die are even much higher than Naruto’s […]

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    The Best-Selling Manga Of 2017 In Japan

    There’s less than a month until 2018 makes it debut, so Japan has announced the top-selling manga series of this year, and the list has a few titles which may surprise you. Here at the top-ten total-selling manga releases for this year. The figures below are estimates. One Piece: 11,495,532 Shingeki no Kyojin: 6,622,781 Kingdom: […]