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  • Cancelled Video Games

    10 Cancelled Video Games That Would Have Made Millions

    Video Games are often threatened with a possibility to get cancelled. There is a tonne of games that would’ve been very successful in the gaming industry, but weren’t, simply because they just got cancelled. I myself have been hyped for games to come numerous times, but in the end, there’s just bitter disappointment. Here’s a […] More

  • real life video game characters

    Crazy Fans Discovered Real Life Video Game Characters

    Many of you might not know that many video characters are inspired by real life people. There are actually quite a lot of them. So, today I have made a list of video game characters inspired by real life people.. Tidus (Final Fantasy 10) & Meg Ryan (lots of films) Robert (The Last of Us) […] More

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    Are You Ready to Play Games Directly on Your Eyeball?

    Augmented reality was existing even before games like Pokemon Go existed. This technology has been trying to grow for how many years now. So far, the most successful use of this technology is the craze that is known as Pokemon Go. The game by Niantic upped the expectation of this technology’s potential. One thing that […] More

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    11 Craziest Real Life Deaths Caused By Video Games

    We have been playing games for quite a long time but what we have never done is allow videos games to bleed over a into real world and cause real world violence. But the sad fact is, there are some gamers who have who have done that, they caused real world violence and deaths, we […] More