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  • Boruto Episode 89 Preview

    Boruto Episode 89 Preview Online, and Spoilers

    The Mitsuki arc is almost at its end. It is a such a long arc and when you look at it, the arc had its ups and downs. It was not consistent at all and I think the anime regained its footing a few episodes back. The arc was unnecessarily dragged and it should have […] More

  • Boruto Episode 88 Release Date

    Boruto Episode 88 Spoilers: Clash! Kokuyou

    With the announcement of the beginning of the Naruto Shinden novels from Episode 93 onwards, we now know that the Mitsuki arc is coming to an end soon. This arc has had its ups and downs, but I expect it to get better from here onwards. The previous episode was incredible, and the action sequences […] More

  • Boruto Episode 87

    Boruto Episode 87 – Feeling Alive

    In the previous episode of Boruto, we finally knew who was Ohnoki’s grandchild. Kozuchi died because he tried to subdue the ninja that are trying to steal village secrets. That event happened before Kozuchi even had his Genin exam. Meanwhile, Shikadai managed to escape the prison and is now trying to communicate to Konoha. Boruto will […] More

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    Boruto Episode 87 Updates: Boruto Uzumaki vs Kakou

    Hey everyone! Today, I’ll be talking about Boruto Episode 87. Episode 86 aired yesterday, and I have to say, it was a decent episode. Like I mentioned earlier, we’re getting a lot of character development on Boruto Uzumaki, and even Onoki lately. The arc is now entering the interesting phase finally, and I think the […] More

  • Boruto Episode 86 Release Date

    Boruto Episode 86 Release Date, Spoilers, And Updates

    Hey everyone! Today, I’ll be talking about Boruto Episode 86. I know that the current Boruto arc has been long, and that it will probably go on for about 5 more episodes. However, this is where the arc starts getting interesting. From here onwards, everything in this arc is going to get exciting. I am […] More

  • Boruto Episode 86 Release Date

    Boruto Episode 86 Spoilers: Kozuchi’s Will

    Hey everyone! Today, we’ll be talking about Boruto Episode 86 spoilers. The anime is still not even close to wrapping up the Mitsuki arc, and I don’t know how to feel about it. On the one hand, the arc is reaching the interesting bits where we get to see all the fights and stuff. On […] More