Catch These Pokemon During The Halloween Event For Gen 4

pokemon go halloween event

Halloween Event is probably the biggest event for Pokemon Go trainers this year. Many trainers were waiting for pvp and trading but we got something different, we got Generation 3 for the Halloween event, which isn’t bad at all, however only few Gen 3 pokemon are released in the wild. Make sure to get the most out of this event by following some of our guides for how to get the most out of Halloween.

We also need to prepare for Gen 3 as some pokemon will have a decreased spawn rate after the halloween event, The key bonus to this event would have to be the double candy bonus. This is a well-liked event and always has been ever since the double candy was first tested.

Now that we have Pinap berries; a berry that doubles the candy of a Pokemon it’s fed too. We can now get 4 times the amount of candies for Pokemon! Yes, 4 times the amount of candies you can use towards evolving your Pokemon.

There was one time there was a double candy event after the releasing of the Pinap Berry. This gave us the conclusion if you plan on evolving Pokemon during these events. It’s best to actually catch Pidgey’s, Weedle’s, and Caterpie’s. You will receive 12 candies upon catching with a Pinap berry during the event.

That means for every one of those 3 Pokemon caught if you use Pinap berries is an evolution put towards your mass evolving! The event will last around 2 weeks so that will give trainers plenty of time to, hopefully, get a level during the event.

To get the most out of the event for buddy distance reduction. It’s recommended you first focus on collecting the candies from Pokemon you have yet to collect their evolved forms. This will help increase the trainers Pokedex.

Now let’s get on to the main topic, there are three Pokemon in the event, that will have a new evolution when Gen 4 comes out, and out of those three pokemon, 2 Pokemon might be extremely rare after the event ends.

Here are 3 Pokemon you need to catch as many as possible during the event.




Make sure to get them while you still got the chance.


PokemonGo: Item Drop Rates Changed Again!

Ever since we have been getting 2 item drops from Pokestops and Gym discs, research has been going on if the item drop rate for certain items has changed. Surprisingly there were significant changes that were noted. All of the research that was done has been confirmed to be mostly true, with a decent enough sample size.

The change started on October 11th, the day of the two-drop bug. Simply put both revive and potion rates were almost down by 50%, with also a considerable difference seen in balls and berry drops from Pokestops and Gym Discs. Comparing the drops from the month leading up to the change with the drops since.

In the data study done below, it is quite evident that we are seeing a decrease in the drops rates, of certain healing items like Potions and Revives. On the other hand, the Pokeball drop rate and their type proportions have not changed even by a little. With Pokeballs staying at
71.7% Great Balls at 21.1% and Ultra Balls at 7.2%

This study has also found that not only is there a change in the number of Potions dropped. But the kind of potions dropped has also been affected. With Max and Hyper Potions seeing the Maximum nerf. You can have a look at the recorded rate, and see for yourselves.

The relative data on revives isn’t quite as strong, as many of the drops registered

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