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Carter Reum Net Worth: Fiance of Paris Hilton’s Fortune

Carter Reum Net Worth
Carter Milliken Reum

Here we will talk about Carter Reum net worth. Paris Hilton’s fiancé’s fortune has got the attention of people all over the world. Hence, it was necessary to devote an article to his life and earnings. Meanwhile, talking about his wealth and what is he famous for? All these questions are still unanswered. However, Paris Hilton’s fans are too desperate to know more about her fiance. With the latest announcement about her engagement and pregnancy, Hilton has focused on her fiance a lot. Interestingly, Carter Reum is a good catch. He is a multi-millionaire entrepreneur. No doubt, this has attracted people’s attention towards him since their relationship went public.

The rich entrepreneur has made his name in his work field through hard work and dedication. Hence, his popularity and fortune are a matter of pride for him. Also, it has little to do with being in a relationship with the famous socialite Paris Hilton. No doubt, Paris must be proud of her fiance to become successful at a young age, long before meeting and falling in love with her. All these things have led Carter Reum to fall under the radar of the paparazzi. Across the globe, the question about Carter’s wealth and earnings has been igniting curiosity among the netizens. Hence, we are here to answer all these questions to help you conquer your quest regarding Carter Reum. Let us find out Carter Reum’s net worth and fortune.

Paris Hilton's Fiancé

Carter Reum Net Worth

Wherever we talk about an emerging celebrity, things like net worth and career are a major attraction. Hence, in the case of Carter Reum, it was obvious to go down the lane. As of now, Carter Reum’s net worth is expected to be between $35 and $40 million. No wonder, Paris Hilton’s fiancé is a multi-millionaire. Moreover, he has a fine family background helping him grow and achieve heights in his life from the beginning. Throughout his life, Carter Reum has worked hard. Since his graduation, he has worked at various capital ventures. Initially, he worked in a capital firm in Sydney. However, by the year 2014, Carter was back with being an investment banker at Goldman Sachs. In the meantime, he worked with the Big Apple.

It was not an easy path for him. No one gets success served on a platter. Hence, Carter was forced to work harder than he thought. Lastly, it was all worth it. His life’s major attraction is the company titled “VEEV”. Moreover, the American author has written a book titled “Shortcut Your Startup”, alongside his brother Courtney. All these small efforts have made him earn a fortune of his own. Most prominently, his investment firm M13 Ventures has helped him in becoming a star venture capitalist. Hence, contributing a lot to his earnings.

Carter Reum Earnings

Carter Reum’s net worth is between $35 million and $40 million

More About Carter Reum

Carter Reum is the hot topic of discussion nowadays for being Paris Hilton’s fiancé. Little do we know that he has brought laurels to his name by being a determinant entrepreneur. As of now, his age or birthday has not been revealed. He completed his studies at Columbia University. Soon after getting graduated, Carter started taking his career in investment banking seriously. After working at various venture capital firms for years, Carter Reum collaborated with his brother Courtney.

The Reum brothers launched a new company called “VEEV Spirits”. It was an alcohol company that made liquors from açaí fruit. It was a unique concept and attracted large attention throughout the country. In no time, the company started getting popular. As a result, VEEV Spirits became one of Inc. Magazine’s 500 fastest-growing private companies in America. However, this dream was a short-lived one. Hence, in the year 2016, Carter and Courtney sold the company. But, it was not an end to their partnership. Once again the brothers were out in the market. This time it was a venture capital firm. They named it “M13 Ventures”.

Carter and Courtney

As of now, Carter Reum is the co-founder of M13 Ventures and is highly benefitted by the firm. The firm has helped various start-ups and small enterprises. Moreover, Carter Reum has been a popular feature on television programs. Likewise, he has worked as a commentator on CBS and Fox. Currently, he is one of the prominent writers of the Huffington Post and Inc. Magazine.

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