Captain Tsubasa Episode 14 Release Date, Spoilers

Captain Tsubasa is nearing its 14th episode. With the excitement of the 13th episode behind us, the next episode brings only more promise. The team is on a really solid run. They’re on a winning streak and the team is looking more confident than ever. The team is on their best run so far and the team is now on their way to the nationals. The episode was titled, “And Then, the Nationals!”

The episode had a lot of drama. Nankatsu had just defeated Shimizu and now they have received an offer to play in the national tournament. The winners of each prefectural competition meet at the national tournament. With just one day remaining the team are in deep thoughts as they never really believed that this could happen.

Tsubasa was still practicing, he was working on his skills with Roberto. However, Wakabayashi came to meet them. This was followed by arguably the most shocking moment in the series so far. Wakabayashi announced that he won’t be able to play in the national tournament.

Captain Tsubasa Episode 14

Tsubasa couldn’t quite believe what Wakabayashi just said. He was total disbelief that one of the best players around would not be taking part in the prestigious tournament. Now moving to the summary of episode 14.

In the episode, we will see Nankatsu getting pumped for the tournament as they had never dreamed of it.

They face Meiwa FC in the group stages of the national tournament. Meiwa is a really strong team and Tsubasa and co. will face a stern test. However, Tsubasa will be gearing to go as he wants this team to do their best. The match between Nankatsu and Meiwa will have a lot of drama. It will be an exciting match and by the looks of things, Tsubasa and his teammates will have to do something spectacular to pull off a win.

Captain Tsubasa Episode 14 will air on July 3, 2018.

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