Can Noe Retrieve ‘The Book of Vanitas’ in ‘Vanitas No Karte’ Episode 15?

Case Study of Vanitas Episode 15 release date and preview
Case Study of Vanitas Episode 15 release date and preview

Vanitas No Karte, also known as Case Study of Vanitas, is dropping out its episode 15 very soon. Recently, the series has ended its part 1 as it released its part 2, which has already been very exciting for fans. The series comes up with a new episode on a weekly basis, which is on every Saturday. Since the latest episode totally set the groove, fans are already going all around to discover what is going to happen next in the upcoming episodes. Since no one likes spoilers, we are going to avoid as many spoilers as we can.

The anime series Case Study of Vanitas is an adaption of the manga series that goes by the same name created by Jun Mochizuki. The manga belongs to the dark fantasy, steampunk, and supernatural genre. It was published by Square Enix Publications, and the English version was published by Yen Press. The manga began to serialize in Monthly Gangan Joker magazine on 22nd December 2015, and it is still going on. Surprisingly, even though it has been serializing for about seven years now, it has been collected in only nine tankobon volumes. However, the collection will increase as the manga is still ongoing and releasing new volumes on a monthly basis.

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Case Study of Vanitas Plot

On 3rd July 2021, the anime adaptation of Case Study of Vanitas made its debut on the original network Tokyo MX. The series was created by Bones Studio under the direction of Tomoyuki Itamura. The screenplay of the anime was written by Deko Akao, which became a major reason for the series getting so much popularity. Till now, the anime series has a total number of 14 episodes, and fans are waiting for episode 15 to drop out. The plot of the anime series plays a major role in its success, and when we talk about Vanitas no Karte, the plot is set up in Paris that has some residents who are fictional beings.

These fictional beings are vampires who are falling sick due to a very strange disease. The disease is called “malnomen,” which makes the vampires behave strangely as they start to act like predators, which was totally against their will. A vampire doctor Noe Archiviste meets a human named Vanitas, who claimed to be curing all these vampires suffering from malnomen. Vanitas, the human, is treating the vampire with a book called “The Book of Vanitas,” which belongs to the original Vanitas, who was a vampire. He was the vampire of Blue moon and was hated by the vampires of Red Moon, who were probably the reason for the mass disease. Noe and Vanitas join forces as they move together, curing all the vampires and facing all the difficulties that come in the way.

The Case Study of Vanitas
The Case Study of Vanitas

Previously on Vanitas No Carte Episode 14

The previous episode of Case Study of Vanitas dropped out on 22nd January 2022, and the episode was titled “The Witch and the Young Man”. Previously in the series, Dante and Johann took Vanitas and Noe to a distant village as they continued their search of the Beast of Gevaudan. They began their search in the silver forest, and after a lot of events took place, they ended up fighting with the beasts. Later, Noe lies unconscious due to the showdown, and Chloe returns to her human form. Episode 14 of Case Study of Vanitas begins with Vanitas and Jean sitting naked together, wrapped in a blanket in front of the fireplace.

As the episode began, it was revealed how they got into this situation. Vanitas is lying injured, poisoned by the beast in the midst of the snowy forest. Jeanne helped him to cure the wound and took him to the nearest shabby house to turn on the fire. She asked him to disrobe himself and let their clothes dry in front of the fire. Jeanne shared the reason why she was hesitant to kill Chloe, who is a beast, and they spent their night sitting in from of the fire. By the end of the episode, we witnessed Noe, who ended up in Chloe, aka beast’s palace, as he found himself naked in the bed. Chloe tried to suck the blood from Noe, who was unwilling to do so as well as was all flustered and shy being naked. He was then saved by Chloe’s butler, who gave him clothes and asked him to come downstairs.

 Case Study of Vanitas Episode 15 release date
Jeanne – Case Study of Vanitas

Case Study of Vanitas Episode 15 Release Date & Preview

Vanitas No Carte Episode 15 will release on 29th January 2022. The upcoming is titled “The d’Apchiers’ Vampire.” Most probably, the episode is expected to begin from where it left in the previous episode. Chloe and Noe are standing face to face in the dining hall along with strange automated instruments. Since Vanitas is aware that Chloe has got his book “The Book of Vanitas,” they will surely try to retrieve it. The official preview of the new episode is not out yet and is expected to be out two days prior to the release of the actual episode.

Watch Vanitas No Karte Episode 15 Online – Streaming Details

The whole series of “Case Study of Vanitas” is available to stream on Crunchyroll. Make sure you mark the date down and stream the episode when it drops out.

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