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Bulbbul Ending Explained: A Witch Or A Goddess Herself?

What Does The Ending Of Bulbbul Mean?
From Bulbbul Featuring Tripti Dimri as Bulbbul

Netflix India was certainly going to roots in order to bring Indian folk-ish horror stories to the screens. This came in the form of Betaal in the month of May 2020 and then Bulbbul a month later. Talking about Bulbbul, it is an Anvita Dutt directorial with Anushka Sharma and Karnesh Sharma producing the same. Bulbbul was kind of an answer to the sadist men that inflicted damage upon women. It came in the form of a ghost story to rescue women who were haunted for years and years. Here we are taking a look at the same to figure out what the entire story of Bulbbul is all about, its ending and what the character represented.

For the same, we will be taking a look at the basic plotline of the movie. Right from Bulbbul’s marriage at a very young to her finding a friend she can rely on. Then to the time, she got heartbroken. But instead of comfort and support, all she faced was wrath in turn. Then the mystery of the string of murders haunted the village for years. Especially with the folk tale of a witch being behind it. Who is The Witch? What she wanted and what exactly she represents. Here is a look at everything we understood from Bulbbul’s story.

Bulbbul Plot Summary

Bulbbul tells a story set in the late 1800s in Bengal, India. A five-year-old girl named Bulbbul is married to a man far older than her named Indranil Thakur, a landlord. At the young age of five years old, she knew nothing about marriage or what it meant to have a husband. Living in a huge Mansion, she could only manage to befriend Indranil’s little Brother Satya. He was around the same age as hers. They played together throughout the day, shared poetry with each other in a diary, and stories about a ‘Chudail’ (Witch) that haunts the village.

As 20 years passed by, Satya had left for London years ago for further studies. Indranil’s twin brother named Mahendra, who was mentally challenged, has passed away. Mahendra’s wife Binodini, who was always jealous of Bulbbul, believes it’s the witch who killed him. Bulbbul, on the other hand, had become a proud woman who runs the mansion. People of the village often come to her to seek advice.

Story of Bubbul

From Bulbbul Featuring Ruchi Mahajan as young Bulbbul and Rahul Bose as Indranil

After all these years, Satya returns to the village to meet his elder Brother and sees a new Bulbbul as well. She is entirely unlike the innocent girl he played with as a kid. Also, it seems like she has a special bond with Dr. Sudip, who regularly checks her up. Something that bugs Satya a little.

What Satya finds more interesting about the village is the string of murders happening around. People of the town have often claimed it’s the witch killing the men. Satya finds it hard to believe the story despite seeing a woman’s shadow looming at night dragging a body. He crosses Dr. Sudip as one of the suspects realizing his house is near a recent murder site. The fact that he doesn’t know anything about it intrigues him to believe he is hiding something.

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Bulbbul Ending Explained: Who Is The Witch?

As the hunt for the witch continues and more murders come ahead, Satya’s suspicion of Dr. Sudip grows. He even confesses to Bulbbul about the same. She believes this suspicion reeks from the jealousy of Satya. Suspicion aside, it was also true that Satya was kind of jealous. Bulbbul does all the things with Dr. Sudip that once they did together. Watching all of this somewhere bugged him a little. But at the same time, he was also sure that something was off about Dr. Sudip.

Who Is The Witch In Bulbbul?

From Bulbbul

The same night he went to meet Dr. Sudip, who was kind of leaving his house and seemed like he was running away. He arrested him for further investigation. Until Satya’s horse rider was killed. As Sudip was right in front of his eyes, Satya started believing he wasn’t the murderer. They come across the shadow of the witch again. This time Satya shoots her before trying to chase her down. Moments later, the witch appears in front of Sudip’s eyes and turns out she is none other than Bulbbul. So what’s the story behind her being the witch? Let’s take a look at Bulbbul’s dark past after her marriage.

The Dark Past

Post the marriage of Bulbbul and Indranil, Bulbbul continued to grow closer to Satya as they grew up into their teens. Meanwhile, jealousy grew in the heart of Binodini, wife of Mahendra. Despite being older in age, she had to respect Bulbbul as she was the wife of Elder Brother Indranil. We often saw Binodini taunting Bulbbul. When she realized nothing of it hurts her, she decided to take away the only person she enjoyed with. That is Satya.

At first, Binodini pitched the idea of Satya’s marriage, but he denied it. As this didn’t work, she started telling the stories of Satya and Bulbbul’s friendship to Indranil. Initially, Indranil didn’t believe them until he saw Satya and Bulbbul meeting one night. This leads him to send Satya to London for further studies. Something Satya quickly agrees to while Bulbbul breaks down hearing the same.

The Wrath Bulbbul faced

From Bulbbul Featuring Tripti Dimri as Bulbbul

Indranil didn’t waste much time sending Satya to London. Meanwhile, a heartbroken Bulbbul burnt the book from which they shared poetries and stories. Indranil’s eye catches the burning book and the name of Bulbbul and Satya on one of the pages. This results in him picking up a hot rod to beat Bulbbul’s legs to the point she needed to be operated on. Dr. Sudip arrived for the same purpose and met her. Indranil suggested she fell from the stairs while Dr. Sudip knew something was off about it.

With Bulbbul on the bed, Binodini became the head of the house. Until one day, Bulbbul did take her throne again. Binodini became widowed with the death of her mentally challenged husband. Dr. Sudip and Bulbbul grew closer as he gave her special shoes so that she could walk.

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How Bulbbul Became The Witch or Goddess?

Bulbbul’s life was over with Satya gone and her husband beating her to the point she was almost unable to walk. Then Binodinin took over the household. But the wrath Bulbbul was facing for doing nothing at all didn’t end there at all. One night she was suffering from pain, and the same night Indranil’s mentally challenged Brother Mahendra visited her. Although he was mentally challenged, he was more or less influenced by the likes of his Brother. He r***ed Bulbbul the same night, and she couldn’t bear the pain resulting in her death.

How Bulbbul Became The Witch/ Goddess?

From Bulbbul Featuring Tripti Dimri as Bulbbul

Goddess Mahakali believed Bulbbul was innocent. Therefore, Goddess gave her another life. The one where she aimed to fight for injustice and rescue women from the torture and wrath the sadistic men inflicted upon them. All the men she had killed. Right from Mahendra to the horse rider committed a sin against women in one or the other form. One of the little girls she rescued even suggested that it was Mahakali who came to her rescue as a grown-up man tried to force her.

The Final Moments of Bulbbul and What Bulbbul Represents?

The ending of Bulbbul saw Dr. Sudip as one of the only few people who saw Bulbbul’s avatar that killed the sadist men. For those men, she might be a witch, but for the women she rescued, she was a goddess after all. Satya couldn’t see the same Bulbbul as, in a way, he was more or less like his brothers. He looked down upon women and had left Bulbbul on her own until someone else was there for her.

The Ending Moments Of Bulbbul Explained

From Bulbbul Featuring Tripti Dimri as Bulbbul

Satya still was hell-bent upon finding the witch and ending things. This led him to light the entire forest with fire while fighting Sudip. As the fire burnt the forest away, the same Bulbbul decided to merge with it. When Sudip called out for Bulbbul, that’s when Satya realized the witch he had been hunting was the same friend he shared stories with and spent childhood with.

Bulbbul’s ending takes a year to jump into the mansion. Unlike the last time, it is distraught, and only Indranil lives there. Satya left the place so that he didn’t become like his Brother and would try to be a better man after the experience he had. Bulbbul reappeared at night in front of Indranil, probably to take revenge for the damage he inflicted upon her in the past.

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