BTS Butter CD Version – A New Track To Release on Army Day

BTS Butter CD Version
BTS Muster 2021

BTS Butter CD Version is releasing on July 9. Yes, the rumors turned out to be true. But, that’s not it, the septet is also releasing a brand new track for the Army on their day. July 9 is celebrated as Army (BTS fandom name) day by BTS and all the Armys of the world. And earlier, there were speculations that BTS will release new music on July 9. However, there was no confirmation from BigHit music except for a statement. But, now the boys have announced the happy news by themselves on the second day of the Muster. So, what all do we know about the upcoming track and BTS Butter CD Version?

Kpop sensations, BTS never stops. After giving sweat-breaking performances for two days, they are now coming up with a new track. As a symbol to show their love for Army, the track will release on July 9. But, the pre-orders will begin on June 15. Let’s see how Army will break another record with the upcoming song. Currently, BTS and Army were busy enjoying the BTS Muster Sowoozoo and everything that came before that. Fun shoots, Live Room concert, RM’s new song, D-day photoshoot, choreography videos, and Behind the scene shots, the beginning of this month was packed with BTS. And it looks like it will continue till July.

BTS Butter CD Version, New Track, and More

While celebrating their 8th anniversary, BTS announced that they will be announcing something big at midnight. Many Army suspected that it would be about new music. But, they did not know that BTS will release a fresh track for their fans.

BTS Butter CD Version
BTS to launch CD version of “Butter” with a new track

The BTS official Twitter account posted about the news under “Breaking news” and thankfully, it did not break any of our hearts. To celebrate Army Birthday, BTS Butter’s CD version will be released on their day. Also, Big Hit Music informed that the CD will also feature a new song, which will make your heartbeat to the rhythm of BTS’s positive energy.” Well, aren’t we waiting for something like that always?

BTS Butter CD Version Release Date – PreOrder

The Butter single CD will come out on 9 July at 1 PM KST/JST (12 PM PHT/SGT, 12 AM EST). Meanwhile, pre-orders will begin on June 15 at 11 AM KST. The Armys around the world is obviously celebrating. Moreover, they are gushing over the packaging of the two CD versions. They are names “Peaches” and “Cream.” Sounds familiar? The Peaches and Cream look like a reference to RM’s line in “Blood Sweat and Tears.” we have to wait for a while to know their exact meanings.

The news came out after Korean outlet SpoTV News announced that BTS is planning to make a comeback in July. At that time, Big Hit released a statement that they will release a statement after their artists finalize the thing. BTS decided to announce the new music on muster day 2 with Armys.

Ever since the comeback news came out, Army has taken over the internet with funny memes. They are excited as well as focused on creating another record with BTS.

BTS Butter CD Version

BTS – South Korean Pop Sensations

There is no doubt that BTS is currently at the top. The Kpop septet is dominating the music charts all across the world. After the recent release of their second English-language banger, “Butter,” BTS has broken several records in just a month. Currently, Butter stands at number 1 on Billboard Hot 100 charts for three weeks in a row. BTS’s first English song, Dynamite (2020) achieved the same status. But, the fans are adamant to keep Butter at the top for some more time.

With the success of Butter, we can definitely see that happening. Meanwhile, BTS is also working on new music. The boyband has admitted that they are preparing new music. We can also expect some collaborations in the future.

As for now, after the 2 days tiring Muster, we hope to see them again. The Army is excited to get a glimpse of BTS’s goofy side in RUN BTS, which is coming up with a new episode after a month. New music, Run BTS, a sing for ARMY, and a lot more things are in line for the ARMY. So, keep reading and stay tuned.

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