Brothers Ending Explained: Why Sam is Angry at His Brother, Tommy?

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Brothers Ending Explained
Brothers Ending Sam Goes Crazy

Brothers, oh man, seeing Spiderman and Mysterio together as brothers is amazing, but not in a Marvel movie though. We also see Bully Maguire in the end. In this article, we’ll discuss more about these two brothers and the ending of this movie. We’ll also go into Brothers Ending Explanation and understand why did Sam go crazy at the end. So just sit tight as we dive into this movie without destroying anyone’s kitchen, that plates were expensive, man. In this Movie, Tobey Maguire plays a soldier named Sam Cahill. Jake Gyllenhaal plays the role of his brother Tommy, and Natalie Portman plays the role of Sam’s wife Grace.

Marine Captain Sam Cahill, a leader, an athlete, a decent husband, and a father, welcomes his screw-up brother Tommy home from prison before embarking on his second tour in Afghanistan. He’d committed a bank robbery. Sam’s chopper is shot down in the country, and everyone assumed he is dead. While Sam is wasting away as a prisoner in a remote encampment, Tommy is attempting to care for the widow and her two children at home. When Sam is imprisoned, he witnesses unspeakable events, so when he is liberated and goes home, he is deafeningly quiet, aloof, and emotionless, and he believes his wife and brother have slept together. He is possessed by war demons and he goes into Bully Maguire mode.

The Ending Of Brothers: Don’t Be In A Kitchen When You Are Angry

At the end of the movie, we are at Sam’s parents’ house celebrating Sam’s Isabel’s birthday. Tommy arrives with a woman he met an hour ago, but Maggie is unhappy seeing him with another woman. They start to dine at the dinner table. Sam’s mom asks many questions about Tommy’s date about the start of her career as a nurse. She tells her story, but Maggie is unhappy with her, so she starts disturbing her by doing different irritating things. Sam gets so angry at her for this that he screams loudly and tells her to Stop. Maggie starts crying, and all her emotions about her dad start pouring out. She says her dad (Sam) that he should have died in Afghanistan, she doesn’t like him anymore and that she is afraid of him. She also tells Uncle Tommy is way better than him, and Uncle Tommy and her mom always sleep together. This is all false, but she is just a kid and is just angry with her dad.

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Brothers Ending Explained
Tobey Maguire and Jake Gyllenhaal in Brothers

Everyone leaves, Sam and his family come back home. Grace tucks both the girls to their bed, Maggie says she is sorry about everything. Grace tells her not to worry, dad will be back to normal again. In the kitchen, Sam goes crazy breaks everything because he thinks Grace is sleeping with his brother Tommy. He says that he had to go through hell in order to come back home. Tommy joins them hugs Sam, but Sam is angry, so he pulls out his gun. Tommy calls the cops, cops arrives. Sam goes even crazier, starts shooting in the air, and even tries to kill him. Then he is sent to an improvement facility where he gets a little better. He then confesses to Grace that he killed Joe in Afghanistan. The end.

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Brothers Ending Explained: Why Did Sam Go Crazy?

There are a few factors as to why Sam goes crazy at the end, let’s go through it one by one. So first, while Sam was captured in Afghanistan with his comrade Joe. He was torched badly, he had to go through hell. They were telling him to do and to say many things in front of the camera that was disrespectful to his country and his morals. He was determined at the start but going through all this torture on his body as well as his mind broke him. They even gave him a metal rod to kill Joe in front of the camera. So he did, he killed Joe by smashing a rod through his skull. He was just out of his mind at that time. When Sam was rescued, he felt guilty about what he did, he killed his own men with his own hand. But he didn’t want to face this feeling and his mistakes.

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Sam and Grace
Sam and Grace

So he tries to find mistakes in others. He sees that his family was and is happy with his brother Tommy. He asks Tommy if he was sleeping with his wife, but Tommy doesn’t answer his question. It was just a hunch at the start, but he now feels that something has happened between Tommy and his wife. Then at Isabel’s birthday party, Maggie tells Sam that she hates him, and Uncle Tommy and her mom are sleeping together. At this point, Sam is rock sure that his wife is cheating on him with his brother. So he goes crazy and starts to break the kitchen that his brother made while he was gone. Because to him, the kitchen represented his family being happy with Tommy than him. In the end, he finally confesses to Grace about what he did and that he wants to get better.

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