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Brittany Brees Net Worth: How Much The Drew Brees’ Wife Earns?

Brittany Brees Net Worth

How much is Brittany Brees’s Net Worth? How much the Drew Brees’s Wife Earn? Well, It’s not uncommon for a wife of a celebrity to be under the media’s radar. In fact, many of them have made a career out of it. And Brittany Brees came to the limelight and caught the media attention when she got married to the NFL defender Drew Brees. Seeing the huge fan following of football in America, it is not surprising at all how famous Brittany became. However, instead of luring in the spotlight and fame, most celebrities want to remain far from the media.

Drew Brees’ Wife is a supportive wife, and loving mother of four, and a well-known figure in the NFL world. She is the wife of NFL defender Drew Brees who has always been there for her family. Brees is also involved in philanthropy and enjoys his charity work. The decorated quarterback “Drew Christopher Brees” plays for the New Orleans Saints of the NFL. Brees cemented his reputation as one of the best quarterbacks of the late 2000s and 2010s for the New Orleans Saints jersey.

In high school, Drew played basketball, baseball, and even soccer. He had also received a winning record for the Austin Westlakes high school football team, pursued by the state championship. He was named as one of the five most valuable attacking players in a Texas high school. A net worth of $160 million is being earned by Drew. Drew is considered to be the 22nd wealthiest athlete internationally, who earned through his athletics, as well as several authorizations. The No.9 quarterback left the San Diego Chargers in 2005 following disappointment in a deal offered to him during his injury instead of signing a six-year contract in 2006 for $60 million-plus bonuses with the New Orleans Saints.

Brittany Brees Net Worth

On Brittany’s net worth, there is no exact information, but her spouse Drew Brees’ earns an estimated net worth of around $120 million. While Drew Brees’ Wife is not known to have had a specific career, it is reported that her commitment to her family is very high, and she is a helpful mother, wife, and community advocate. Significant family assets are channeled to various charities. That includes the $25 million donated to The Brees Dream Foundation, led by Brittany. They are also working to donate to the state of Louisiana as part of their efforts to reduce Covid 19 cases and provide food to the affected children and families.

Brittany Brees Net Worth

More about Brittany Brees

On September 18, 1976, Brittany Dudchenko was born in Syracuse, Indiana. Brittany Brees is a married woman. She is married to Drew Brees, an American football quarterback. Brees went to Wawasee High School, situated in Syracuse. Later she went to attend Purdue University, where she met her beloved husband. She is a model and philanthropist. Drew Brees’ Wife is a white American and was born to Pete Dudchenko and Kathie Dudchenko. She moved to West Lafayette, Indiana, after attending Wawasee High School in Syracuse, where she completed her matriculation degree in 1994. After which, she enrolled at Purdue University. Brittany Brees is a member of the Brees Dream Foundation with her husband, Drew.

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This organization helps people with cancer and underprivileged children. The Foundation was created in the loving memories of Brittany’s aunt, who died of cancer. The Foundation also helped during Hurricane Katrina by funding several reconstruction projects. They also work closely with the international child support organization called Operation Kids, which focuses on children’s athletic skills, after-school programs, and child care facilities. The couple also donated to their college Purdue to help develop their sports department and soccer program.

Brittany Brees Net Worth

Brittany Brees with Husband

Personal life

Brittany and Drew Brees got married on February 8, 2003. It was then that Brees played with the San Diego Chargers. They moved to Louisiana two years later when Drew joined New Orleans Saint in 2006. For 18 years, the couple has been married. The couple used to go to the same university and started dating at Purdue University in their sophomore year. At the college party, they met for the first time when Drew was commemorating his 20th birthday. From previous interviews, we can see that it took Drew about six months to find the courage to talk to Brittany, and the couple officially started dating just months after they met. The two met a few years before their marriage in 2003.

Drew and Brittany have four children. They had greeted their first son in 2009, who was named Baylen Robert Brees. The following year, in October, Brittany gave birth to their second son Bowen Christopher Brees. In August 2021, the couple had their third son, Callen Christian Brees. Their youngest child is their daughter, Rylan Judith Brees, who was born in August 2014. Drew and Brittany gave birth and raised their four beautiful children in New Orleans. Despite being married to a world-famous athlete, Brittany is currently not active on any social media platforms.

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