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Breaking Bad Ending Explained

Who Killed Walter White In The End?
Breaking Bad

What do we know about Breaking Bad Ending Explained? American crime drama series Breaking Bad went on to become one of the biggest hits in the small screen industry! The Show was not only a huge commercial success but bagged several awards and nominations! The show came to an end after five seasons, and fans lost a beloved character by the end of the series. Some of the recurring characters got their one show, including the hit spinoff Better Call Saul. However, fans still wonder about the original show’s ending that might have left a question or two. 

The genius behind the show is Vince Gillian, who created this masterpiece, and the show had a successful 5 season run! The series aired on AMC from 2008 to 2013 and spawned a spinoff show as well! The story revolves around a chemistry teacher who struggled financially after being diagnosed with stage three lung cancer. After being frustrated by his present situation, Walter White joins forces with ex-student Jesse Pinkman and turns to a life of crime. Let us take a look at all the details regarding Breaking Bad Ending Explained. 

Breaking Bad Ending Explained

The hit crime drama series came to a rather interesting end with our mastermind Walter White dying! Walter was already wounded in the scuffle that he got while he was engaged in with Todd and Jack! Walter shot Jack despite him pleading and luring him with money!  Walter White managed to blow up the lab at the compound and was surrounded by all the machines and devices that he initially used to cook meth in! The most wanted drug manufacturer in America was finally put to rest!

Did Jesse Survive In The End?

Breaking Bad

As the surrounding is symbolic given how the once underpaid teacher felt his best while making his best creation. Jesse Pinkman soon arrived at the spot and strangled Todd, who killed his girlfriend. With that being done, he turned to killed Walker but changed his mind when he sees his condition. Jesse also says that Walter had to kill himself, and he is not going to do that. Jesse flees from the compound in Todd’s El Camino.

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Series Creator Vince Gilligan Opens Up About The Finale!

While talking about Walter’s death in the series finale, series creator Vince Gilligan explains how it was the right thing to do. He further revealed that they had thought of a few different alternatives as well, but this one seemed appropriate. As the creator explains, Walter managed to make his family financially sound in his absence. Take a look at this newest announcement on social media!  Let us break bad in a whole new way with this brand-new art!

That was really the only thing he set out to do in that first episode, and with that mission accomplished, there was not much left for the genius chemistry teacher. The creator also mentioned how even viewers desired Hesse to get away. The creator admitted that despite the situation, the romantic in him would always believe that he Jesse managed to get away with it and moves to Alaska and has a peaceful life communing with nature. Jesse’s survival was treated like poetic justice as he did suffer through a lot in the course of five seasons. 

What Does Walter’s Death Mean In Breaking Bad Ending?

While many considered Walter’s death as something that was long time coming! The teacher finally paid for his sins as he caused his family extreme emotional turmoil. The song that was playing during that time is quite symbolic as Baby Blue by Badfinger was playing that talked about getting what you deserve.

All About The Iconic Ending Of Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad

However, before dying, he managed to leave behind a hefty amount of money to ensure his family’s well-being. The series creator argued that Walter’s death in the series finale also implies that he ultimately managed to get away with it all as he never got the cuffs out on him. The man committed several crimes, but the authorities could not punish him, and he was gone before that. 

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