All right now this may be a pretty silly question but I feel it needs to be asked, why does Sarada need glasses if she has the Sharingan? Does this make her Sharingan weaker than a regular Uchiha?

Glasses can be a hassle in battle and can be a major disadvantage that enemies can use against you, especially if you are a shinobi.

The Sharingan as we know has a number of abilities, which include being able to copy ninjutsu, see movements and surrounding more in-depth and put people under a genjutsu, with those being just the Sharingan’s basic abilities.

That’s why  Sarada having glasses is a contradiction the most basic of advantages the Sharingan, which is the user seeing more than what a regular person can.

Does Sarada’s Glasses Mean Her Shaingan Is Weaker?
Does Sarada’s Glasses Mean Her Shaingan Is Weaker?

So there is a contradiction here, as glasses help people who have poor eyesight see, but the Sharingan lets you see more than the regular eye, so why would you need glasses?

In that case, if Sarada’s eyes are poor and she used the Sharingan, would it cancel each other out and give her normal vision?

Sarada’s mother confirms that her daughter needs the glasses otherwise she gets headaches, which prove that these glasses are more than just a present from Karin.

If Sarada’s eyesight is poor, does it also weaken the powers of the Sharingan? I suppose it would make sense to handicap her a little bit, however, we are yet to see any indication of this in the anime so far.

What happens when Sarada awakens the Mangekyo Sharingan? Will the effects of her losing her eyesight all together quicken as well?

Does Sarada’s Glasses Mean Her Shaingan Is Weaker?

These aren’t bad questions, as we know the reason the Uchiha are so dangerous is because of their visual abilities, and so if one of them had poor eyesight, would it weaken the output of their eyes powers?

It would make sense to disadvantage her sightly but the stronger Sarada gets, the stronger her visual abilities will also get, so I doubt that it will stop her from being the first Uchiha Hokage one day.

Still, though, it’s interesting as it looks so far as if Sarada’s biggest advantage could someday be her greatest disadvantage, as losing her glasses in battle could be life-threatening.


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