Howdy, everyone. Naruto has been my favorite anime for a long time and it’s still my favorite. But seeing someone surpass his favorite character may sound bad to everyone out there. We saw Naruto becoming Zero to Hero.

The guy who was once ignored by everyone gets the position of Hokage in the village. This story is one hell of a motivation to everyone out there struggling and surviving. Well, When Boruto came we all were excited not because we wanted a new character but because we gonna see more of Naruto.

What disgusts me the most is the behavior of Boruto towards Naruto? Well, he doesn’t hate Naruto we all came to know that along the series. It’s just that, he wants his Dad to give time to him and his family. However, Naruto is busy protecting his village and working as a Hokage.

Well, now without any more delays let us come back straight to the topic, Was Boruto really required after Naruto ended? Could we have some other Villain coming in Naruto? Well, everyone here knows that Naruto’s one and only dream was to become a Hokage. So, the creators planned it already that when he becomes a Hokage and Marry Hinata, they’ll pack up the show.

But, it took a long time creating everything in Naruto. The story, land, plains, mountains, villages, history, rivalries and a lot more. It would be a waste if those ended when Naruto ended – It takes tons of time to build up something like that – So better pick up and start moving on.

Not accidentally Boruto started when Boruto’s still a kid – It’s the whole process of how a hero story should go as the theory called “The Hero with a Thousand Faces” (The same theory applies on Naruto, it was indeed a successful ending)

Now, everyone out here will have a doubt in their mind, How exactly will Boruto come out of his Legendary father’s shadow and walk his own path. This is what everyone(Including me) have been waiting for.

And the last and main reason why they continued Boruto is that of Business. Yep, you read that correctly. Naruto ended doesn’t mean the whole story and Narutoverse will end up. It’s just a new legacy will start and follow a new path. This is the reason why they started the new series, Boruto!

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Howdy Everyone, I’m here with another blog or maybe an answer to the rumors that were spreading everywhere regarding the death of Hinata, in Boruto series. So without any more of an introduction. Let’s come straight to the topic, Will Hinata die in Boruto: Naruto Next Generations?

Well, I’ve been doing research on it, reading Kishimoto’s interviews and the studio’s comments on it. Well, here’s what I found:

According to what I believe, she would actually die in Boruto, because in Naruto there’s no better way to boost someone’s power other than taking their closest ones from them. This has happened in the past and it will be happening in the future as well.

Another heartbreak moment (for me) was when I read Kishimoto’s interview and he said, that either only Naruto or only Hinata will be there in the Boruto series. So, the bond of NaruHina isn’t supposed to last forever.

Well, the other thing is I cannot expect Naruto to die so early in the series. I mean, he’s the center of attraction right now. We grew up watching him grow up. He’s the lead and everyone including me is strictly against him dying in the series. So, my major guess is Hinata!

I know you guys don’t want Naruto to lose any more persons who are his loved ones and are close to him. He already lost many people in his life like Minato, Kushina, and Jiraiya. So none of us want him to lose anyone anymore.

Kishimoto has done a great job as building an awesome universe of ninja, where there’s everything: countries, cultures, clans, politics, people, life, etc… It would be a waste if those ended when Naruto ended – It takes tons of time to build up something like that.

Kishimoto made the love story of Naru-Hina finally possible. So, I personally don’t want to see the series ruin all the things we saw in Naruto and the feelings and attachment we got from the characters.

But, you people should be well aware of the fact that Anime is fun for us but it’s a business for the creators. They will do all possible things just to increase …


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