Boruto Wraps Up Jugo Arc, Worth A Watch?

Boruto anime has wrapped up the Jugo arc with episode 103. So, is this filler arc worth a watch? First I’ll let me tell you all about this arc. Boruto’s team 7 and team 15 go on a joint mission under Konohamaru to a village which is plagued by birds who have gone mad. Tosaka the bird expert accompanies them. Then in a brief encounter,

Konohamaru is able to subdue Jugo’s curse mark with a good Rasengan but was injured in the process. After Konohamaru out of the picture Boruto and others followed Jugo and got to know that he is actually absorbing the curse mark that is plaguing the birds. But suddenly things take a turn for worse when Jugo’s tranquillizers go missing and Jugo is ultimately subdued by a fake scientific team from the land of river.

Jugo is captured and team 15 is attacked by a pair of twins who have artificial curse marks. Suigetsu and Karin Uzumaki show up and help Boruto and others in order to save Jugo, Namida and Wasabi. Then we saw Karin Uzumaki and Sarada Uchiha beating one artificial curse mark user while team 15 defeated another one. But Tosaka nullified the plan of Boruto and Suigetsu by tranquillizers.

Tosaka was revealed to be the real villain of the arc. In the final episode, we saw a fully transformed artificial curse mark user Tosaka vs fully transformed Jugo. Jugo defeated him in a jiffy and went after Boruto.

Jugo arc reaction

Boruto was able to use Rasengan on transformed Jugo which subdued Jugo’s curse mark and he was saved. Later Suigetsu used his abilities to make to antidote rain over birds and stop the curse mark from spreading the curse mark throughout the world.

This was all from Jugo arc. The arc overall was a decent one but it wasn’t a great one. I would certainly not recommend anyone to watch it because there was nothing awesome about it. It was again a dull arc but better than awful arcs like Chocho arc. The moral lesson that the arc carries is that we don’t have to just think that we have predestined paths but we can do whatever we love to do.

The content of manga is awesome but it isn’t that much so we will have to forcefully keep watching these average filler arcs. Overall the arc was certainly an average one but since it was better than below average ones it doesn’t look that bad. Do share your thoughts on Jugo arc with us.

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