Boruto Manga Chapter 30 Update: Kashin Koji Vs Naruto Uzumaki

Boruto Chapter 30 Update

Hey everyone! Today, we will be discussing Boruto chapter 30, and it seems the upcoming chapter may just be the most important one in the manga so far. The Boruto manga has been good so far, and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t enjoy reading what we’ve seen so far. I hope to see more of the same from the manga. If there’s one area that I think the manga needs to improve in, it is probably the contents of a chapter.

Boruto Chapter 30 Release Date

Boruto Chapter 30 Updates

I think we should be getting more than just 41 pages after a month. Anyway, that’s not a huge problem, but one that will have frustrated some fans, since we have to wait a month for those 41 pages. Coming over to the preview of the next episode, it seems Boruto manga chapter 30 may just introduce Kashin Koji to Naruto Uzumaki. Koji is very close to the Uzumaki household, and he plans to take Kawaki away.

Kawaki has already warmed up to the family a bit, and he definitely wouldn’t want to go back to Jigen at any cost. However, Koji can take him back by force. The only thing standing in the way of Kashin Koji is Naruto Uzumaki. But, we don’t know how well Koji will fare against Naruto if the two are to clash. Kashin Koji is weaker than Naruto Uzumaki, and he won’t win in a fight if the two were to clash. However, he can finesse his way around Naruto and take Kawaki away quickly, which is basically what a Ninja should do.

It must also be noted that Koji can easily take Boruto instead of Kawaki because both of them bear the same Karma Seal. So it’ll be interesting to see what ends up happening in Boruto chapter 30.

Boruto Chapter 30 will be out later this month. The official release date for the manga is December 22, 2018. Of course, the scans will be available 2-3 days prior to that. Make sure you support Boruto by reading over official sources and buying the Volume 06 of the manga, which is out already.

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