Boruto: Naruto Next Generations July 2018 Episode Schedule

Boruto Episode Schedule

In this post, we will be talking about Boruto June – July 2018 episode schedule and summary. Boruto: Naruto Next Generations is the successor to highly popular Naruto Manga. After decided to animate Boruto, it continued to be welcomed well by the fans as it carries lot more detail than its manga or movie.

Boruto June-July 2018 Episode Schedule

We have a schedule and summary for the upcoming episodes. Boruto anime is about to get more interesting than before. If you ask my opinion on the Boruto anime, I’d say its better than the movie, it is very well made and new characters are added to the series as well.

  • ‘Boruto’ Episode 63 – June 28
  • ‘Boruto’ Episode 64 – July 05
  • ‘Boruto’ Episode 65 – July 12
  • ‘Boruto’ Episode 66 – July 19

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations

If there are any changes to the schedule, we will let you know.

Boruto Episode 63: Sasuke’s Secret Weapon

Naruto is kidnapped by the Otsutsuki’s after he was left powerless while saving the people in the arena from Momoshiki’s all out attack. Sasuke will get ready to rescue Naruto. The five kage will also accompany them for this task. The Secret Weapon that Sasuke has his Rinnegan or Boruto. He will use the Rinnegan teleporting the rescue team to the locality where Naruto is.

Boruto Episode 64: Naruto, Rescue!!

The Rescue team will arrive at the scene. The Kage will get into a battle with Momoshiki and Sasuke will try and finish his battle with Kinshiki. While they divert the Ōtsutsuki‘s, Boruto will seize the opportunity to release Naruto. Father and Son would finally face each other and Naruto will clear the doubts in Boruto’s mind. Then, the pair will be facing Momoshiki and the battle begins.

Boruto Episode 65: Title Unknown

There is an intense battle between Ōtsutsuki‘s and Ninja. Momoshiki and Kinshiki will hold their own against seven highly capable individuals. Though soon both Kinshiki and Momoshiki will face their boundaries against them. Momoshiki will have to devour his own foster father Kinshiki in the frantic attempt to overwhelm Naruto.

Boruto Episode 66: Title Unknown

After absorbing Kinshiki, Momoshiki changes appearance and get a rather evil look. This turns out to be a power-up as Momoshiki soon single-handedly immobilizes them with one of absorbed Jutsu. This will test Boruto’s heart. He was not caught in this attack and has the chance to rescue everyone.

The anime is not just animating manga, new characters are present in the anime storyline making it more interesting. Boruto: Naruto Next Generations continues to be one of best anime of this generation following its predecessor.

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