Boruto Episode 87 – Feeling Alive

Boruto Episode 87

In the previous episode of Boruto, we finally knew who was Ohnoki’s grandchild. Kozuchi died because he tried to subdue the ninja that are trying to steal village secrets. That event happened before Kozuchi even had his Genin exam. Meanwhile, Shikadai managed to escape the prison and is now trying to communicate to Konoha. Boruto will once again fight against Ohnoki’s man, Kakou. Will Boruto be able to beat him in Boruto episode 87?

Boruto Episode 87

According to spoilers from OrganicDinosaur, Boruto and Kakou will have a fierce battle. Boruto will be bombarded by Kakou’s powerful attacks and he will be pressed into the wall. Kakou has unique ninjutsu called Jinton or Dust Release, which doesn’t sound good against Boruto’s Wind release affinity. The battle will continue while Ohnoki is just watching on the other side, but he specifically ordered Kakou to not hurt Boruto.

Things are not going well with Boruto. Everything seems to be going on Kakou’s way, but it seems like Boruto will be able to hold back. Just as when things are about to go south, an ally will be coming to rescue Boruto. The ally might likely be Konohamaru or Shikadai, who has been able to run away. According to the spoilers, Shikadai has been investigating the situation in the Hidden Stone Village. After slipping past the surveillance, he is about to go to back to Konoha. There is a possibility that he will meet and rescue Boruto on his way.

Meanwhile, Sarada, Cho Cho, and Inojin with Akkun finally started to move. On their way, they met Kirara, who has been trying to find Ohnoki but was able to find them instead. What will happen in during the fight? Will they be able to defeat the enemies? That’s it for Boruto episode 87 spoilers. Stay tuned for more updates.

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