Boruto Episode 70, 71, 72 Spoilers

Boruto episode 70 Spoilers

We are in Boruto Episode 69 this week, and we’re still in the Chocho arc. The Chocho mini-arc will be finished soon, and we will get another mini-arc with Metal Lee. After these arcs, we will get an arc that will focus on Mitsuki. Although Boruto will not be getting the spotlight for a while, he will still play important roles in these episodes.

Boruto Episode 70 – The Opposing Side of Anxiety

In this episode, Metal Lee started learning the “Eight Gates” from Rock Lee. Metal Lee’s anxiety is getting the best out of him, and it seems like he has a hard time to patch it up. In the midst of training, Metal Lee bought something that supposed to help him with his training. Unfortunately, the item is not effective, and even worse, Rock Lee said that they would need to stop the training for a while. In the meantime, Metal Lee will meet the strongest Taijutsu user in his time, Might Guy.

Boruto Spoilers

Boruto Episode 71 – The Hardest Rock in the World

The first ever Five Kage Summit is being held for the first time after the Otsutsuki attack. In this summit, all old and new kages are expected to be present. However, the third Tsuchikage, Ohnoki, is nowhere to be found. Nonetheless, the meeting started without him.  Boruto and his team are all attending a meeting in regards to the security of the event. Boruto being Boruto, he is disinterested and bored as heck. Out of the blue, Mitsuki will ask Team 7 a very hard question.

Boruto Episode 72 – Mitsuki’s Will

During the summit, the ninjas who are guarding the entrance has been attacked. While this was happening, Boruto and Sarada went to Mitsuki’s house to inform him that their mission was canceled. However, they did not found Mitsuki in his house, which made them worry about him.

Boruto Spoilers

On their way back, Boruto and Sarada met a Jounin which is gathering information on what happened in the ninjas that guards the entrance. Maybe Mitsuki got himself involved with this already, or if he is actually the one who attacked the guards. There might be a connection in his question in the last episode and his disappearance.  We will find out soon in the next episodes of Boruto.


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