Boruto Episode 65 – Where To Watch It?

The last episode of Boruto showed how Kinshiki sacrificed himself to save Momoshiki from the Shinobi. Because of this, Momoshiki regained his strength and was ready for another battle. We also saw how Boruto and Naruto finally started to understand each other. However, their moment was interrupted when Sasuke and Naruto need to battle the powered-up Otsutsuki.

Boruto Episode 65 – Where To Watch It?

Boruto Episode 65

The next episode of Boruto will finally feature the good part of this Otsutsuki arc. Naruto and Sasuke will fight against Momoshiki because the other Kages cannot stand against him. Even though we are all dying to see the fight scenes being re-animated again in the anime, we need to wait for a little longer. There will be no episode for Boruto this week, with the new episode moved to July 19, 2018. Cheng Xi Huang will be the one who will be directing and will be in charge of the storyboard in this episode.

Boruto Episode 65 Spoilers

Naruto and Sasuke will fight against the powered-up Momoshiki. It can be seen that Naruto is being beaten and even worse, he seems to be overwhelmed by the Otsutsuki. However, with Sasuke’s help, the two will be able to cut down Momoshiki. The fight is undoubtedly one of the biggest highlights in Boruto episode 65.

Just when things are looking better, Katakuse will once again ruin the moment by throwing Ninjutsu. Momoshiki absorbs and begins to power up again. With his new power, Momoshiki trapped everyone in a shadow Jutsu which will enable them to move. But of course, things are not going to end up in this episode with the shinobi losing the fight. Sasuke has a plan, that’s why Boruto was there.

Boruto Episode 65

Boruto will throw his vanishing Rasengan which will surprise Momoshiki and will undo his technique. Of course, Momoshiki cannot absorb something that he cannot see. That’s why Boruto was taken with the rest of the gang. Of course, the end is not certain yet because of the changes from anime and the movie. There might be a change that will happen in the anime. We will find out soon on future episodes.

You can watch Boruto episodes on Crunchyroll and FUNimation; however, if they are not available to you, you can use unofficial sources like gogoanime, but we advise you to support official release, this will help anime industry.

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