Boruto Crossed 100 Episode Mark But How Good Is It?

Boruto Naruto Next Generations is the anime and manga series which is the sequel to Naruto series which has been one of the most popular anime of all time. Some might think that Boruto is matching up to Naruto series but is it? In Naruto anime, we had a handful of great battles, but in Boruto only Momoshiki arc stands out.

If the manga gets adapted again which it will be adapting soon, the anime will certainly reach new heights, but it seems that we will be getting filler arcs for now. Is it anime’s fault? No, its Ikemoto’s fault who only releases one chapter per month and that too of just 40 odd pages even though the chapters are awesome, but the pacing is dreadful.

Anime has to suffer due to the awful pacing of the manga. This is the reason why we are getting filler arcs like Chocho arc which was absolutely awful. The only worthy content that anime has produced worth watching is when it has adapted manga. Rest of all filler arcs have been either below par or just average.

The longest running arc of anime was Mitsuki arc, and just a couple of episodes were worth watching, and the rest was a waste of time. Naruto Shinden was also adapted during the filler period which was a couple of refreshing episodes to behold. Now, the latest filler arc in anime is Jugo arc and to be fair, this arc is promising to be a good one.

The last milestone episode, that is the hundredth episode was also good but I was so disappointed to see Sumire’s team getting beaten up without putting up a serious fight.

Boruto anime review

I was honestly expecting to see some awesome action like we saw other Naruto characters getting humongous character development during the battle with Sound ninjas in Naruto series, but these Boruto kids were blown away without landing a single punch in the enemy.

Nonetheless, I’m really getting interested in this new arc as in the next episodes we’ll see characters like Suigetsu and Karin Uzumaki is appearing in the anime as well who are the longtime comrades of Jugo since the time they were united under Sasuke Uchiha’s Taka team. Boruto’s best arc has been Momoshiki arc, and its final episode was the best anime episode of the year hands down.

The bottom line is until and unless Boruto doesn’t start adapting manga again it is going to be hard to watch. I hope that manga’s pacing improves and the anime gets more content to adapt. Overall the Boruto anime has been bang average thus far as compared to Naruto anime after hundred episodes.

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