Boruto Chapter 31 Release Date, And Spoilers

Hey everyone! In this post, we’ll be talking about Boruto Chapter 31. Boruto Chapter 30 turned out to be the last chapter of 2018, and what a chapter it was! The turn of events we had this month was surprising, and I think this chapter has me even more hyped for what’s to come in next month’s Boruto chapter. As we all know, we’re in the Kawaki arc for now.

Delta Boruto Chapter 30

Naruto Uzumaki has been taking care of Kawaki for now, and Kawaki seems to be warming up to the family slowly. He’s integrating himself at Konoha slowly. This is where things seem at peace but unfortunately, that won’t last long. Kara is here for Kawaki and they really want to take him, even if it is by force.

Kashin Koji has infiltrated Konohagakure already, and he was carefully observing both Boruto Uzumaki and Kawaki. However, Delta couldn’t just sit around and do nothing. She decided to confront Naruto all by herself, and now, she’s prepared to fight.

Boruto Chapter 31 Spoilers

In Boruto Chapter 31, we’ll see Delta fighting against Naruto Uzumaki. The thing is, Naruto cannot go all-out against her. He has kids around him, so he must protect them and then stop her. One Shadow-clone should be enough to protect them, and I’m sure he’ll ask the clone to escort them to safety.

Naruto may have his hands busy with Delta, while the clone may be stopped midway by Kashin Koji. This is where things will start getting rough because Kashin Koji will fight the clone Naruto and try to take possession of either Boruto Uzumaki or Kawaki. I think he’ll succeed in taking one of them with him, likely Boruto Uzumaki.

Meanwhile, Delta will retreat, and Kara might escape. That’s how I see things going. The other possibility is Delta getting smashed to bits by Naruto and Koji reporting everything to Jigen himself.

Boruto Chapter 30 will be out next month. The official release date for the manga is January 28, 2019. Of course, the scans will be available a day before that. Make sure you support Boruto by reading over official sources, and buying the Volume 06 of the manga, which is out already.

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