Boruto Chapter 31 Leaks and Spoilers

Boruto manga is much much better than the anime. So far the manga has released 30 chapters. The manga is at a very exciting point right now. Before we start the post, let me warn you that this post has spoilers for Boruto. So, if you don’t like reading spoilers then I suggest that you stop reading right now. Now that we have got it out of the way, let’s begin.

In the previous chapter, we saw that Delta finally moved on her own. With the ninja tech at her disposal, Delta figured out the location of Kawaki. We saw Kawaki and Boruto training. Boruto wanted to gain control over the Karma seal. They ended the sparring after some time. Ino warned Naruto that someone was heading to their location.

Boruto Chapter 31

Naruto was ready and the person was none other than Delta. The chapter ended here. The chapter was a source of laughs for many people. We know that Naruto is nothing short of a God due to his powers. So, the fans are expecting Delta to be given a proper beating. I think it might be a bit of an exaggeration. Delta would not be so foolish as to go charging in headfirst without a proper plan.

She will display some unknown ability which will certainly help her to fight or escape from the current situation. If that’s not the case then I can see her being rescued by Kashin Koji. Or she might just end up being captured by Naruto.

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