Boruto Anime Gets New Opening And Ending Theme Songs

Today Boruto episode 101 dropped and the highlight of the episode was its awesome theme songs. The story part of the episode was quite good as well. First, let us what we see in the opening theme song. We get to see almost everyone in this opening. Boruto Uzumaki is shown battling a new enemy, in one scene he uses his Rasengan while his Jougan is activated and the enemy perishes into some sort of thunder like Rasengan.

This could actually be a scene in the upcoming arcs of the anime. Also, the all-powerful Sasuke Uchiha and Naruto Uzumaki are shown in this opening as well. Talking about Sasuke Uchiha, in particular, he is shown training with Boruto Uzumaki. It seems that this is a scene from the Sasuke Uchiha novel which is also set to be adopted in the upcoming anime episodes.

For now, we will have to bear with the ongoing Jugo arc which quite honestly isn’t bad at all. It might be the best filler arc we have had in Boruto anime for various reasons. The reasons being, a good story, some awesome action and it is not a long arc like the Mitsuki arc which was quite boring, to say the least. The opening and ending songs contain some major new characters which could be shown in the upcoming episodes of Boruto.

Since the anime is resisting adaptation of manga for now for the reason that is because of the short content of the manga it seems logical to assume that these new characters will be surely seen in the upcoming small arcs of anime. Right now Jugo arc is going on and now just two episodes are remaining in the arc.

Boruto anime new opening

This arc has been a breath of fresh air after so many awful filler arcs like Chocho arc which is one of the worst arcs even compared to the worst anime out there.

In the latest episode, that is episode 101 we saw that Suigetsu and Karin have arrived to help Boruto and others and rescue Jugo. Konohamaru has escaped and will be seen shortly hopefully before the kids deal with the enemies. The bird expert that accompanied Boruto seems to be the main villain of the arc.

Karin and Sarada will face one artificial curse mark user kid while Namida, Wasabi, and Sumire will face the other twin with the curse mark. The arc is getting pretty interesting, and it has surprised many fans because no one was expecting anything good from this arc. Also, now the arc episodes will have new awesome opening and endings as well.

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