Blue Period Episode 5: Preview, Release Date & Where To Watch?

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Blue Period Episode 5
Blue Period Episode 5

Yataro’s dream in a new school begins with Blue Period Episode 5, with Yataro and Takahashi learning new things. Mayu had learned that the two are constantly at each other, and she enjoyed laughing at Takahashi as he teased Yataro. Blue Period reveals the journey of genius students who pursued arts. From the latest episode of Blue Period Episode, Yataro and Mayu had some talks, but Yataro gets bored when Mayu keeps on laughing at him. The two also talked about artwork, and Mayu gave Yataro some advice. Mayu also teaches Yataro about some drawings and different shapes.

Later we saw the students learning about painting and different types of shapes. Mayu continued with her lessons about a theme and told Yataro has he could do it. Yataro had a considerable challenge ahead of him, and he adores Takashi’s work. Takahashi keeps on impressing the class and the teacher. But he never learned the art from his childhood, which might be the gift that he was born with. Mayu showed Yataro a painting with an apple in the center, which shows a circle of composition. Yataro begins to understand some art techniques and how to draw a picture that attracts one’s eyes.

The two talked about making replicas of the picture that Mayu had brought. Yataro had some worries, but Mayu reminds him that drawing replicas are like copying someone’s work, and it is not that hard. If one puts heart into what they are drawing, they can learn a lot. After classes, we saw Yataro staying alone working on something That reminded him of what Mayu had told him and that made him put his heart into a drawing. Yataro noticed that he drew the one that looked like trees.

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Previously on Blue Period Episode 4

Yataro continues with his drawing, trying to make the exact copy of the painting in front of him. This made him wonder what the picture is trying to tell him or the message within the picture.  In the flashbacks, we saw Yataro talking with Hakura about gaze directions. Hakura’s painting is the one that awakens confidence within Yataro, who decided to follow the arts. That day Hakura taught Yataro about a technique that smoothly guides the audience’s gaze to highlight specific details. That also reminds Yataro about three elements of art that he learned from Mayu.

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Blue Period Episode 5
Blue Period

Yataro realized that the things that Hakura and Mayu taught him are essential, and if he misses them, he will ruin his drawing. Later Yataro encounters Haruka and Takahashi coming to join the drawing lessons. They talked about summer class, and Yataro is Ooba’s class. They wonder if he will join him. The two revealed that they would be joining other classes. But Yataro always worries about the joint session with the morning classes. They both part ways and head to attend different classes.

Yataro bumps with a new girl, and they both fall inside a class that looks like a gangster class. Yataro is surprised about the way guys in their classes dresses since they look like thugs. Ooba welcomes everyone; despite their looks, those guys are serious with their work. The new sessions for the students begin. They receive orders that they will be drawing five pieces over ten days. The students also find that their last work will be submitted to an open contest, and it will get evaluated by all the oil painting instructors. They both begin with their drawings, and it looks like they were competing for the first spot to reveal the best results.

Blue Period Episode 5 Release Date

Blue Period Episode 5 will be released on 23 October 2021. The students in the class use weird weapons to do their paintings, and that supprises Yataro. They are like they are rising Ninja techniques to do art. Yataro is getting better every day as he learns new things that helped improve his art skills. Let’s look at Blue Period Episode 5 official details below.

Blue Period Episode 5
Blue Period

Watch Blue Period Episode 5 Online – Streaming Details

You can watch Blue Period Episode 5 Online on Crunchyroll & Funimation on Saturday at 1:25 AM JST. If you are not in Japan, you can watch Blue Period Episode 5 online on Netflix. Blue Period is offering Sub episodes for now, but the Dub episodes will be revealed soon online. Let’s meet when Blue Period Episode 5 releases.

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