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Spoilers & Recap: Blue Birthday Episode 9

Blue Birthday K-Drama Cast
Blue Birthday Episode 8: Release Date and Preview

Blue Birthday Episode 9 is all set to release later this week, and fans cannot wait! The star-studded K-Drama marks the beginning of Red Velvet’s Kim Yerim mainstream acting career. The male is Pentagon’s Yang Hong Seok. This drama is a treat, especially for fans who enjoy both K-Pop and K-Dramas. With every passing episode, the series seems to be getting more and more nerve-wracking.

The main plot of the series revolves around a group of friends. Ji Seo Jun kills himself on Oh Ha Rin’s birthday, which leaves everyone utterly shook. However, ten years down the line, Ha Rin has the chance to go back to the past and save Seo Jun. However, there are only nine such chances. Ha Rin comes across nine photographs that take her back in time when burnt. Will Ha Rin be able to justify this golden opportunity and bring Seo Jun back to life?

While Blue Birthday certainly has a very interesting plot, the jumps within the story can sometimes get a little frustrating for the viewer to catch up with. The smooth flow of the plot is missing—however, the thrill of what will happen next more than makes up for it.

Blue Birthday Episode 9 Release Date

Ha Rin and Seo Jun

Blue Birthday Episode 9: Release Date and Preview

Blue Birthday Episode 9 will be released on Friday, August 20, 2021. The episode will be released at 7 P.M. KST. You can watch it on Naver TV. We are already halfway through the series, with only eight episodes remaining. While all the hints so far point towards Kim Sinu being Seo Jun’s murderer, there are also subtle hints that point towards Eon Seong. If you think about it, you’ll realize that Eon Seong had more reasons to kill Seo Jun than Kim Sinu’s random character. Eon Seong loved Ha Rin for the longest time, but she always chose Seo Jun over him. We will find out soon as to who the murderer really is.

Blue Birthday Episode 8: Recap

In the 8th episode of Blue Birthday, we find out that Ji Seo Jun knew about his magical photographs all along. In fact, he had also used their ability to help him travel back in time to go to their middle school years and save Oh Ha Rin from getting hurt. The makers of Blue Birthday do hint at a very possible murderer who deliberately took Seo Jun’s life.

Who Killed Ji Seo Jun in Blue Birthday K-Drama

Blue Birthday K-Drama

Once Seo Jun realizes that Ha Rin is traveling back in time, he begs her not to come again. Seo Jun tells her that he doesn’t care about his life. He wants Ha Rin to be safe. Later, Ha Rin comes back to the present and tells Su Jin everything about her time travels. Su Jin advises her about being persistent even if Seo Jun asks her not to return again. Ha Rin goes to the washroom and burns another picture.

Once Ha Rin goes back in time, she starts investigating the photography club for any possible clues on the murderer. Seo Jun follows her and saves her from a cupboard that was about to fall over her. Seo Jun tells her that every time she travels back to the past, she will have to pay the price. Ha Rin recalls how she got hurt, lost Su Jin as a friend, and Hye Min’s accident as the prices she has had to pay.

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Who Killed Ji Seo Jun in Blue Birthday?

After Ha Rin convinces Seo Jun that she will try to save him no matter what, the two come up with an elaborate plan to catch the murderer. They set up a camera outside the photography room. Seo Jun says that no one will be able to identify the camera unless they come to the room often. Ha Rin even doubts her friends for being the potential murderer. Seo Jun decides to email her the footage since she still uses the same email.

Blue Birthday Episode 9 Spoilers

Yeri and Hong Seok in Blue Birthday

In the footage, both Seo Jun and Ha Rin see that it was Kim Sinu who had gone into the photography room looking very suspicious. The next day, Ha Rin finds out that Sinu works for express delivery service. Coincidentally, the animal rescue that Ha Rin works for also uses the same service. In fact, Sinu is in the center itself, making some additional deliveries.

Ha Rin goes out in search of him when Eun Seong calls her and asks why she is looking for Sinu. He also asks if it is for Seo Jun. Ha Rin then remembers her conversation with Seo Jun. The one where they had discussed one of their friends being the possible culprit. In the post-credits scene, we see Eon Seong asking Seo Jun quietly if he also considers him a friend.

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