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Spoilers & Recap: Blue Birthday Episode 7

Blue Birthday K-Drama Cast
Blue Birthday Episode 7: Release Date and Preview

Blue Birthday Episode 7 is the upcoming episode in the star-studded K-Drama on Naver TV. Starring Yang Hong Seok from Pentagon and Kim Yerim from Red Velvet, Blue Birthday is soon becoming a favorite among fans. It is a fantasy drama surrounding the life of a group of friends in their late 20s who lost one of their closest buddies 10 years back. While it is true that everyone loved Seo Jun, Ha Rin was special to him. Perhaps that is why fate chose her to have the power of traveling back in time.

Ha Rin is given 9 photographs by a mysterious photo studio owner and warned to use them wisely. While the warning may seem inadvertently cryptic initially, the context behind it makes it wholly meaningful. Turns out that these pictures, when burnt, can take a person back in time, to the exact date the photographs were originally clicked.

The plot in Blue Birthday seems to be getting more and more interesting with each passing week. Ha Rin seems to be getting closer to discovering what exactly caused Seo Jun to commit suicide 10 years back. As the story progresses, Ha Rin also seems to realize that she cannot alter the past too much by hampering her present. Moreover, in order to save one person, she must lose another.

Blue Birthday Episode 7: Release Date

Blue Birthday Episode 7 will release on Friday, August 13, 2021. The episode will be released at 7 P.M. KST. You can watch it on Naver TV. One can expect more revelations about Seo Jun’s mysterious death in the upcoming episodes as the plot of the drama thickens further. It will also be interesting to see how Ha Rin does justice to Seo Jun’s magical photographs, or whatever is remaining of them. Will she be able to find out why Seo Jun killed himself? Will she be able to bring him back to life without having to give up other people she loves? Guess we will have to wait and watch.

Blue Birthday Episode 6: Recap

Blue Birthday Episode 7 Preview

Ji Seo Jun and Oh Ha Rin

In Blue Birthday Episode 6, we see Ha Rin collect all of Seo Jun’s belongings from his mother. She also retrieves the police records of his case with the help of Eun Seoung. Ha Rin finds some intriguing pieces of information in the records of Seo Jun’s text messages and his phone. As far as her memory allows her, Ha Rin recalls that she had never asked Seo Jun to wait for him and have a drink. In fact, she remembers a girl telling her that her teacher was willing to talk to her, however, the information turned out to be false.

Ha Rin is at a disadvantage here because Seo Jun’s parents never let the authorities conduct an autopsy on this body, thereby ruling his death a suicide. Ironically, the police records also note that no hesitation scars were found on Seo Jun’s body. This seems highly suspicious given the fact that he was just an 18-year old boy.

Ha Rin’s Dilemma

It is important to note here that Ha Rin only has 5 pictures remaining now. She must use them wisely if she wants to get Seo Jun back. Or, at least find out why he decided to end his life. Ha Rin decides to go back to that fateful day in order to verify everything that has been recorded about Seo Jun’s suicide.

Blue Birthday Episode 7 Release Date

Oh Ha Rin in Blue Birthday

Once Ha Rin finds herself in the past, she immediately jumps to action, observing everyone around Seo Jun. One boy in his class – Kim Sinu stands out to her. Su Jin tells her that this boy happens to be a weird guy. Ha Rin also remembers Eun Seoung telling her how Sinu hated Seo Jun. In the basketball field, Sinu deliberately pushes Seo Jun. When the latter is hurt but decides to let the matter slide, Sinu calls Seo Jun obnoxious for no apparent reason.

Another revelation that is made in Episode 6 is about Seo Jun’s dominant hand. Ha Rin remembers that Seo Jun is a left-hander. However, his right wrist was wounded. A crucial question arises here – how did Seo Jun possibly cut his right wrist with a sprained left hand? Ha Ri also recalls the actual day 10 years back. When she had asked Seo Jun for her present, he gave her the keys to his bicycle since he couldn’t ride it with his sprain. This is where Ha Rin realizes that Seo Jun didn’t kill himself!

In the post-credit scene, we see Kim Sinu stealing cash from Seo Jun’s purse. He also takes out Seo Jun’s camera but as someone comes into the class, he puts it back in Seo Jun’s back. During this entire commotion, Seo Jun’s camera takes a blurred picture.

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