Black Summer Filming Locations: Where is the Series Produced?

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Flashback to the time when Netflix made me fall in love with the apocalypse fiction series. Netflix Original, Black Summer, is an outstanding series of two seasons (till date) created by Karl Schaefer and John Hyams. The series has 16 episodes in total, 8 in each. The story is everything you can ask for. Want apocalypse? Done! Want heartbreak? Done! Destruction and Action? Anything for you! Emotional breakdowns? For sure!! While watching the series, you might as well doubt if this is really happening somewhere in the world because REALLY! Everything is so realistic—superb job by the entire team. So, what were the filming locations of Black Summer?

Even though there are plenty of series and movies about zombies and relevant stuff but what stands this one out is its realism. Make-up, acting, filming, background, literally everything. The plus point is that the story is not just about zombies outbreak and how to put it to an end, but it is more about how brave love makes you! Rose goes through the worst of worst situations to finally reach her daughter, Anna.

There is so much to write and discuss about the series, so in this article, let’s start with the plot.

Black Summer
Jaime King as Rose from ‘Black Summer’

Black Summer Season 1

The story has no beginning! We are landed in the middle of a zombie apocalypse to witness every other character die or turn into a zombie. There’s a good thing about shows which start from the mid. It resides inside the head of the viewer. That’s exactly what happened with this 2019 released series.

We are left to see the destruction of the mental peace of the residents and the unknown “North American” city. In Season 1, Rose, the lead, is found struggling, fighting, and doing everything possible to reunite with her teen daughter, Anna. As Patrick, Rose’s husband is found wounded probably by a zombie, the couple end up being unable to go to the refugee stadium with their daughter, who was sitting in the truck which took residents to the stadium for safety. Stuck in the mid, Rose finally leaves to find her daughter after Patrick turns into Zombie.

At the end of Season 1, Rose is finally reunited with Anna, but it’s not the end. The apocalypse is worsening hopelessly, and the only hope, The Stadium, was found empty, proving that it must have been attacked by the undead and deadly dangerous zombies.

Black Summer
Black Summer Season 1, Episode 8 The Stadium

Black Summer Season 1 Filming Location

Season 1 of Black Summer was filmed in Canada entirely. Calgary city in Alberta, to be specific. The so-called safest place in Season 1 of ‘Black Summer’, THE STADIUM is real-life McMahon Stadium which is a major football stadium located in Calgary, Alberta. Some other Black Summer filming locations are Calgary Tower and Queen Elizabeth High School (Episode 3, Summer School).

Black Summer
The Safest Place

Irricana, Alberta is another major location for the filming of Season 1. Madison Drive, McCulloch Crescent, and Pioneer Drive are some of the locations where episode one was shot. Episode 4, “Alone” of Season 1, was shot in Irricana only. The fire station is in the same place too.

River Avenue Bridge over the Bow River in Cochrane is only a very remarkable location where the series was shot.

Let's GO!
Checkpoint; Reference: Black Summer Episode 1

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Black Summer Season 2: Another Misty Ending

Season 2 turned out so much similar to the very popular multiplayer online game, PUBG, with a Halloween event going on. We have zombies to find with? Check! Can we trust other people? Nope! Are we going to get the finest supplies in the airdrops? Exactly! But what reminded me of Player Unknown’s Battle Ground (PUBG) is the fight they had for the supplies that were given for survival. If you are a PUBG Player or any similar game player, you would be aware of how your own teammates at times try to knock you out for the supplies. That’s exactly what happens in season 2 of Black Summer.

Already difficult to believe it’s unreal. These effects made the series even more realistic. The series is not limited to Zombies. We still see many stories running at the same time in various episodes. Humans wouldn’t turn their back on each other anytime; at one point, I did feel there’s no way home. It’s the call of death anyhow!

Rose and Anna get separated from Sun and Spears. Later, Spears is shot; he is left behind to die, and Sun is flown away by the pilot who speaks a little bit Korean. Even though she doesn’t know anything about the situation, but she is happy that there’s finally someone who understands her.

Yet again, the season ended incompletely, leaving us viewers with the hope of Season 3.

Black Summer Season 2 Filming Location: Is It Canada Again?

Alberta, Canada again tops the filming location, and this time it is all cold.

Museum Of The Highwood

The Museum of The Highwood as used as a  hideout where Sun and Spear hide in Episode 2.

“Museum of The Highwood” is 60 years old and it contains very authentic and old artifacts.

Hide and Seek
Black Summer Season 2, Episode 2 Prelude

Nakoda Lakeside Lodge, beside the Rocky Mountains on Chief Hector Lake

In episode 7, everyone seems released. They are in a house, they rest, eat and celebrate a small victory; but apparently, it’s not time for the Chicken Dinner yet!

This lodge has 48 guestrooms, each of which features forest or lake views. Isn’t it attractive enough?
There’s a conference center, spa, indoor pool and more.

Black Summer
Episode 7, The Lodge

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Mount Vistas, Alberta

If you’ve watched Season 2, you know how much snow is there in it. One of the significant locations used for the filming is this! Mt. Vistas, Alberta. No wonder this is nature at its best!

Black summer
The breath-taking Mountain Vistas, Alberta

Black Summer Cast

In consistent role, we only have Jaime King as Rose; Zoe Marlett as Anna(Season 2); Justin Chu Cary as Julius James; Christine Lee as “Sun” Kyungsun; Kelsey Flower as Lance; Gwynyth Walsh as Barbara Watson (season 1); and more. So as many characters came and passed, it was pretty difficult to decide which to mention and which not to.

This ultimate series of zombie apocalypse crossover with PUBG feels just what I wanted!

Season 3 will be coming very soon, hopefully! Until then, Stay Tuned.

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